NRDC 2002

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Issy-les-Moulineuax, France
(27-30 May 2002)
Scientific Secretary: V.G..Pronyaev


INDC(NDS)-0434 (Editor: V.G.Pronyaev, O.Schwerer, A.L.Nichols )



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC(Brookhaven, USA)pdf162
NEADB(Paris, France)pdf100
NDS(Vienna, Austria)pdf205
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)pdf98
CNDC(Beijing, China)pdf97
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)pdf127
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)pdf83
JAERI(Tokai-mura, Japan)pdf127
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)pdf88
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)pdf83
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)pdf323
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)pdf88
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf96

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2002-1 Actions of previous meetings (2000, 2001) (See INDC(NDS)-427, pp.20-26, and INDC(NDS)-418, pp.26-31) doc65
WP2002-2 Dictionary restructuring (CP-C/287, CP-C/303, CP-D/338, CP-C/301, CP-A124)V.McLane, O.Schwerer, F.E.Chukreev pdf32
WP2002-3 Units for particle and product yields (See memos CP-C/294, 286) doc154
WP2002-4 Page numbers for REFERENCE (CP-C/285)V.McLane pdf9
WP2002-5 Correlation quantities 4-momentum transfer and (See memos CP-C/295 and CP-D/330) pdf7
WP2002-6 4-momentum transfer and (See memos CP-C/295 and CP-D/330) doc75
WP2002-7 Several "straightforward" new quantities (See memos CP-/C/291, 298, and CP-A/118) doc51
WP2002-8 Proposed data heading EN-CM-TOT (memo CP-A/121)F.E.Chukreev pdf9
WP2002-9 Proposed high energy quantities (memo CP-A/123)F.E.Chukreev, S.Babykina pdf9
WP2002-10Quantities proposed by JCPRG (See memos CP-D/337, CP-E/004, 003) doc56
WP2002-11Use of nuclide codes in SF 7 (memo CP-C/302)V.McLane pdf12
WP2002-12Redundant coding, new data heading PART-OUT (CP-C/304)V.McLane pdf21
WP2002-13Clarifications on Product Yields and Thick Target Yields (See memo CP-D/332) doc47
WP2002-14Clarifications on Polarization quantities (See memo CP-D/320) doc22
WP2002-15New Legendre polynomial modifier proposed (See CP-C/305) doc22
WP2002-16Zeros in error field (CP-C/306)V.McLane pdf9
WP2002-17Multiple appearance of the first Reference in EXFORV.Zerkin pdf212
WP2002-18EXFOR master file comparisons pdf114
WP2002-18/AEXFOR master file comparison and unificationV.McLane, O.Schwerer pdf7
WP2002-19Measures of Security at the NDS Open Area for EXFORL.Costello pdf8
WP2002-20New and revised entries received at NDS pdf10
WP2002-21EXFOR transmissions (NNDC) pdf41
WP2002-22CINDA Statistics (NNDC) pdf13
WP2002-23See memo 4C-4/126 (reply to WPs 2002-15,16) doc22
WP2002-24CINDA batch exchange information (NDS)M.Lammer pdf13
WP2002-25Journal coverage for CINDAM.Lammer pdf17
WP2002-26EXFOR-relational as multi-platform databaseV.Zerkin pdf32
WP2002-27Completeness of EXFOR compil. as indexed in CINDAM.Lammer pdf14
WP2002-27/APercentage of total experimental CINDA blocks compiledV.McLane pdf13
WP2002-28Future NRDC Cooperation on CINDA: see Appendix 9McLane, M.Lammer, O.Schwerer pdf25
WP2002-29Comments and Recommendations of Working Groups 1-3 of the INDC Meeting, Vienna, 14-17 May 2002 (See report on that meeting)
WP2002-30SyGRD (System of Graph Reading)H.Ohmi
WP2002-31Development ofWeb Editor for Charged-Particle Nuclear Reaction Data N.Otuka, H.Noto, A.Ohnishi, K.Kato pdf14
WP2002-32The JEFF-3.0 General Purpose LibraryA.Nouri
WP2002-33NEA Data Bases
WP2002-34WebTrends (NEA web statistics)
WP2002-35NEA Computer NetworkP.Nagel


(not submitted yet)