NRDC 2008

Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, Obninsk, Russia
(22-25 September 2008)
Scientific Secretary: S.Dunaeva, H.Henriksson


INDC(NDS)-0536 (Editor: S.Dunaeva, A.Nichols, H.Henriksson )



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC(Brookhaven, USA)pdf3263
NEADB(Paris, France)pdf602
NDS(Vienna, Austria)pdf333
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)pdf63
CNDC (Beijing, China)--
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)pdf511
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)pdf368
JAEA (Tokai-mura, Japan)--
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)pdf1505
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)pdf225
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)pdf248
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)pdf284
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf259
NDPCI(Mumbai, India)pdf185

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2008-1Conclusions and action of the 2007 NRDC Meeting pdf21
WP2008-2Review of corrections since the 2007 NRDC meetingN.Otsuka pdf12
WP2008-3NRDC action to the list of EXFOR outliersN.Otsuka pdf743
WP2008-4New and revised entries / subentries since the 2007 NRDC meeting (9 September 2008)S.Dunaeva pdf20
WP2008-5Statistics of checking preliminary transesS.Dunaeva pdf136
WP2008-6Usage of alteration flag into column 11 of ENTRY and SUBENT recordsS.Dunaeva pdf9
WP2008-7REFERENCE Coding (JPR/C, JP/S, JP/GL) and revision of page format rule for report (CP-D/508, CP-N/069)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva, H.Henriksson pdf68
WP2008-8Revised EXFOR Basics, EXFOR Formats, LEXFOR, EXFOR/CINDA Dictionary (CP-D/498, CP-D/505)O.Schwerer, N.Otsuka pdf21
WP2008-9(Superseded by WP 2008-9 (Rev.)) pdf124
WP2008-9 (Rev.)Level density compilation (CP-D/512 Rev.)R.Capote Noy, N.Otsuka pdf161
WP2008-10Short analysis of IAEA-NDS EXFOR DB errors reportV.Zerkin, S.Dunaeva pdf114
WP2008-11Usage and explanation of uncertainty headingsN.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva pdf52
WP2008-12Status of new compilation and procedure for creation CINDA referenceS.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf28
WP2008-13EXFOR completeness for neutron data published in Phys. Rev. C (CP-D/513)N.Otsuka, A.Mengoni, S.Dunaeva pdf20
WP2008-14Status of list of missing EXFOR data for medical CRPS.Dunaeva pdf103
WP2008-15Statistics of compilation 2006-2008S.Dunaeva, V.Zerkin pdf488
WP2008-16New NRDC WebpageN.Otsuka pdf146
WP2008-17List of Entries with incorrect reference on Phys.Rev.BS.Dunaeva pdf253
WP2008-18EXFOR-2008-05-16 JANIS Import LogN.Soppera pdf626
WP2008-19CINDA reader code updates and miscellaneous mistakes (CP-N/070)H.Henriksson pdf28
WP2008-20References in EXFOR and connection to other databases (Actions A14, A15, A31)V.Zerkin pdf82
WP2008-21Split of Dictionary 144 (Data libaries for New CINDA) (CP-D/515)N.Otsuka, H.Henriksson pdf18
WP2008-22Evaluated data library under MONIT-REF and REL-REF (CP-E/126)N.Otsuka, H.Henriksson pdf15
WP2008-23Tensor polarization and initial state spin correlation (Action A25, CP-D/520)N.Otsuka pdf99
WP2008-244-momentum transfer squared (Action A29, CP-E/125)N.Otsuka pdf165
WP2008-25Total/Elastic cross sections compiled in EXFOR CPND entries (CP-D/521)N.Otsuka, V.Pronyaev pdf24
WP2008-26Public version of the "current compilation" webpage (Action A9)S.Dunaeva, V.Zerkin pdf218
WP2008-27Reaction Product Field (SF4) for Quantities at Resonance (CP-D/509)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva pdf60
WP2008-28Web retrieval tool supporting citation of EXFOR dataV.Zerkin pdf82
WP2008-29New IAEA-NDS front pageV.Zerkin pdf336
WP2008-30EXFOR Evaluating System: reasons, ideas and proposals to WPEC SG-30V.Zerkin pdf83
WP2008-31EXFOR entries corrections: important pointsM.Mikhaylyukova, V.Pronyaev pdf13
WP2008-32Draft revision of NRDC Protocol (CP-D/523)Nuclear Data Section pdf87
WP2008-33Coding mistakes in CINDA lines (CP-E/136)H.Murakami, K.Kato pdf134
WP2008-34(Superseded by WP 2008-34 (Rev.)) pdf27
WP2008-34(Rev.)Change NRDC compilation responsibilities to dedicated journal coverage (CP-D/525)S.Dunaeva pdf54
WP2008-35(Superseded by WP 2008-35 (Rev.)) pdf12
WP2008-35 (Rev.)INSTITUTE code and author's list in EXFOR entry (CP-D/524)S.Dunaeva, O.Schwerer, N.Otsuka pdf41
WP2008-36CINDA load errors and illegal format usageH.Henriksson pdf21
WP2008-37Full EXFOR in C4 format: delivery to WPEC group SG-30V.Zerkin pdf103
WP2008-38Proposal for a Common NRDC EXFOR Web ServiceV.Zerkin pdf55


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
NEA/DB progress report to the NRDCA.Hasegawa pdf253
Center of Nuclear Physical DataS.M.Taova pdf276
A brief summary report on selected Indian nuclear data physics activities: A status report submitted to the NRDC Meeting-2008S.Ganesan pdf474
NRDC action to the list of EXFOR outliers (WP2008-3)N.Otsuka pdf592
1. Coding scheme of page number, 2. Revision of page format rule for report (WP 2008-7)N.Otsuka pdf259
Revised manuals (WP 2008-8)N.Otsuka pdf342
JANIS as an EXFOR toolH.Henriksson pdf524
Experience in correctionM.M.Mikhaylyukova pdf163
EXFOR: exchange format: What we can offer to users beyond EXFOR format?V.Zerkin pdf344
New NRDC webpage (WP 2008-16)N.Otsuka pdf477
Tensor polarization and initial state spin correlation (WP 2008-23)N.Otsuka pdf350
4-momentum transfer (WP 2008-24)N.Otsuka pdf228
Software for EXFOR inputG.Pikulina pdf281