PGAA Database Files

EXCEL Format Database Files
    Elemental Data
    Isotopic Data
    PGAA Prompt Gamma Data
    PGAA Decay Gamma Data
PDF/PS Format Tables
    Isotopic Data PDF, PS
    Decay Isotopes PDF, PS
    Most Intense Gamma-rays PDF, PS
    Gamma-rays Ordered by Energy PDF, PS
    G-factors PDF, PS
    ENSDF References PDF, PS
Text Files
    Adopted Prompt Gamma-ray Cross Sections
    Adopted Decay Gamma-ray Cross Sections
    Input ENSDF Gamma-ray Cross Sections
    Input Budapest Gamma-ray Cross Sections
Earlier PGAA Databases

Reedy and Frankle, CD-ROM and IAEA-NDS-209 (2002).
Reedy and Frankle, At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 80, 1 (2002).
Lone et al, At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 26, 511 (1981).


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DURATION: 1999-2003  -     PROJECT OFFICER: Raquel Paviotti-Corcuera