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Nuclear Reaction Database
Standalone Retrieval System
Version 1.10, March 2003


Vienna, 1999-2003


The goal of Nuclear Reaction Database (NRDB) project is to combine CINDA, EXFOR, ENDF and Dictionaries as an integrated, platform independent, relational database with developed interfaces (Web, CD-ROM) satisfying the major users' needs. * EXFOR and CINDA are compiled by Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centers:

Fig.1 Nuclear Reaction Databases

Present Standalone Retrieval System provides interface to EXFOR and CINDA libraries and distributed on CD-ROMs.
It was developed by Viktor Zerkin, Nuclear Data Section, International Atomic Energy Agency, 2002-2003.

The System consist of software and databases.
Software: Java program tested on MS-Access/Windows, MySQL, Sybase/Linux and set of batch files and executables providing conversion of EXFOR data to computational format and plotting. Help-information is also provided online.
Databases: EXFOR and CINDA (January-2003) under MS-Access:
  - EXFOR: more then 13,500 Entries with 90,000 data tables
  - CINDA: 266,000 Lines (40,500 publication in 132,500 blocks).
Java: CD-ROM contains also Java Real-time Environment (JRE: 1.3.0-C) for Windows allowing to avoid installation of Java for Windows-users.

Fig.2 EXFOR-Java Retrieval System

See "Screen Shots"

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