A.D. Carlson, et al., Nuclear Data Sheets 148 (2018) 143-188

# Reaction Energy Range ENDF-6 formatted data Free text format
1 H(n,n)Standard range: 1 keV to 20 MeV std17-001_H_001.endf std17-001_H_001.txt
2 3He(n,p) Standard range: 0.0253 eV to 50 keV std-002_He_003.endf not available
3 6Li(n,t)1e-5 eV to 4 MeV
(Standard range: Thermal - 1 MeV)
std17-003_Li_006.endf std17-003_Li_006.txt
4 10B(n,α);(n,α1γ)1e-5 eV to 1 MeV

(Standard range: Thermal - 1 MeV)
std17-005_B_010.endf std17-005_B_010.txt
5 natC(n,n)up to 6.45 MeV
(Standard range: 1keV - 1.8 MeV)
std17-006_C_000.endf std17-006_C_000.txt
6 197Au(n,γ)2.5 keV to 2.8 MeV
(Standard range: Thermal, 200keV - 2.5MeV)
std17-079_Au_197.endf std17-079_Au_197.txt
7 235U(n,f)150 eV to 200 MeV
(Standard range: Thermal, 150keV - 200MeV)
std17-092_U_235.endf std17-092_U_235.txt
8 238U(n,f)0.5 to 200 MeV
(Standard range: 2 - 200MeV)
std17-092_U_238.endf std17-092_U_238.txt
9 Thermal Neutron Constants: nubar,
(nth,f), (nth,el), (nth,g) cross sections for fissile targets 233U, 235U, 239Pu, 241Pu. Total nubar 252Cf(sf).
0.0253 eV (2200 m/s) Standards2017_TNC.txt
10 197Au(n,γ)MACS (30 keV)= 620(11) mb
11 235U(n,f)Integral from 7.8 eV to 11 eV
= 247.5(3.3) b*eV

Reference Cross sections (fitted within Standards 2017)

# Reaction Energy Range ENDF-6 formatted data Free text format
1 238U(n,g)150 eV - 2.2 MeV rec17-092_U_238g.endf rec17-092_U_238g.txt
2 239Pu(n,f)150 eV - 200 MeV rec17-094_Pu_239.endf rec17-094_Pu_239.txt
10 252Cf(sf) PFNS from IRDFF-II reference spectra 0.00001-30 MeV (outgoing) PFNS-Cf252sf-ENDF.txt PFNS-Cf252sf (tabulated)
10 235U(nth,f) from IRDFF-II reference spectra Thermal energy (incident), 0.00001-30 MeV (outgoing) PFNS-U235nth-ENDF.txt PFNS-U235nth (tabulated)

High-Energy Reference Fission Cross sections

The neutron induced fission cross sections at high energies are recognised as a convenient reference for other reaction cross sections measurement where already established standards are not available yet. The reference (n,f) cross sections were evaluated for the following 5 nuclei (detailed information is available in Report INDC(NDS)-0681 "209Bi and natPb neutron fission cross sections as new references and extensions of the 235U, 238U and 239Pu(n,f) standards up to 1 GeV", B. Marcinkevicius, S. Simakov and V. Pronyaev ).
The ENDF-6 file with cross sections, energy-energy correlations and cross-reaction correlations for 209Bi, natPb, 235U, 238U and 239Pu (n,f) is available here: High-En-Ref.endf

Reaction Energy Range ENDF-6 formatted data NJOY plot Free text format
235U(n,f)0.0253 eV - 1 GeV235U-Ref-HighErg.endffile.pdf 235U_nf_Reference_xs_data.txt
238U(n,f)0.0253 eV - 1 GeV238U-Ref-HighErg.endffile.pdf 238U_nf_Reference_xs_data.txt
239Pu(n,f)0.0253 eV - 300 MeV239Pu-Ref-HighErg.endffile.pdf239Pu_nf_Reference_xs_data.txt
209Bi(n,f)34 MeV - 1 GeV 209Bi-Ref-HighErg.endffile.pdf209Bi_nf_Reference_xs_data.txt
natPb(n,f)34 MeV - 1 GeV natPB-Ref-HighErg.endffile.pdfnatPb_nf_Reference_xs_data.txt

Neutron (n,n'γ) Cross-section References (2017/2019)

The reference discrete γ-ray production cross sections (n,n'γ) were evaluated for target nuclei 7Li (detailed information is available in Report INDC(NDS)-0739 by S. Simakov, R. Capote, R. Nelson and V. Pronyaev) and 48Ti (Report INDC(NDS)-0740 by S. Simakov, R. Capote, R. Nelson and V. Pronyaev). The numerical data in the various formats in energy ranges recommended for use are presented in the following Table.
Reaction Energy Range ENDF-6 formatted data NJOY plot Free text format
10B(n,aγ=478keV)0.0253 eV - 1 MeVstd17-005_B_010.endfstd17-005_B_010.txt
7Li(n,n'γ=478keV)0.8 - 8.0 MeVLi7nng478.endfLi7nng478.pdf Li7nng478.txt
48Ti(n,n'γ=984keV)3 - 16 MeVTi48nng984.endfTi48nng984.pdf Ti48nng984.txt

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