Contains the descriptions of the calculational benchmarks on NEUTRONICS AND 
SHIELDING and on ACTIVATION problems, which represent the steel/water 
shielding blanket design in the ITER outline design, as well as the 
responses to be calculated, provided by Professor Mohamed E. Sawan, Fusion Technology
Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.


ITERDESIGNCALC.TXT     -       Specifications for the calculational neutronics and 
                               shielding benchmark
ACTIVATION.CALC        -       Specifications for the calculational activation benchmark.
GAMMA.ADJ              -       Calculated gamma adjoint flux.
GAMMA.ADJZ             -       Calculated zone (coarse mesh) averaged adjoint gamma flux.
NFLUX.ACT              -       Calculated neutron flux in the 175 energy groups listed for 
                               each of the 468 mesh intervals.
NFLUX.ACTZ             -       Calculated zone (coarse mesh) averaged neutron flux.
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