PLOTTAB - Plot continuous and/or Discrete Data

Graphics package for interactive or PostScript plotting of user's data

Version 2014-1

Author: D.E. Cullen


PLOTTAB is designed as a general purpose plotting utility code to plot continuous curves and/or discrete physical data for use in almost any application. The simple data format is designed for easy implementation in users' application codes to immediately produce plots using PLOTTAB interactively or via PostScript output. The code package is also available on CD-ROM from the IAEA Nuclear Data Section.


Code package versions for different platforms are available. Although the source code is the same, installation instructions are platform-dependent.

  1. IBM-PC
  2. LINUX
  3. MAC-OSX

The documentation and the source code (for users, who wish to implement PLOTTAB on some other platform) are also available.

  1. Documentation
  2. Source code

Project Officer: Andrej Trkov (

Web page prepared by: A. Trkov