Technical Reports from the "Technical Reports Series (TRS)"

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    TRS NO. 473
    Nuclear Data for the Production of Therapeutic Radionuclides E. Betak, A.D. Caldeira, R. Capote, B.V. Carlson, H.D. Choi, F.B. Guimaraes, A.V. Ignatyuk, S.K. Kim, B. Kiraly, S.F. Kovalev, E.Menapace, F.M. Nortier, P. Pompeia, S.M. Qaim, B. Scholten, Yu.N. Shubin, J.-Ch. Sublet, F. Tarkanyi, and A.L. Nichols Dec 2011
    TRS NO. 452
    International Reactor Dosimetry File 2002 (IRDF-2002) O. Bersillon, L.R. Greenwood, P.J. Griffin, W. Mannhart, H.J. Nolthenius, R. Paviotti-Corcuera, K.I. Zolotarev and E.M. Zsolnay Edited by Technical assistance: P.K. McLaughlin and A. Trkov Nov 2006
    TRS NO. 357
    Handbook on Nuclear Data for Borehole Logging and Mineral Analysis IAEA Aug 1993
    TRS NO. 273
    Handbook on Nuclear Activation Data IAEA Apr 1987
    TRS NO. 261
    Decay Data of the Transactinium Nuclides IAEA May 1986
    TRS NO. 227
    Nuclear Data Standards for Nuclear Measurements, 1982 INDS/NEANDC Nuclear Standards File IAEA Oct 1983
    TRS NO. 156
    Handbook on Nuclear Activation Cross-Sections IAEA Jun 1974
    TRS NO. 146
    Neutron Nuclear Data Evaluation Summary of a Panel on Neutron Nuclear Data Evaluation held by the International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna, 30 August - 3 September 1971 IAEA Jun 1973
    TRS NO. 63; STI-DOC-10-63
    Manual of Radioisotope Production IAEA 1966
    TRS NO. 12; STI-DOC-10-12
    Light Water Lattices
    Report of a Panel held in Vienna, 28 May - 1 June 1962
    IAEA 1962