This is the new website for the Stopping Power Database. The legacy website is still available for a limited time here.

Electronic Stopping Power of Matter for Ions

This collection of stopping power measurements includes data published as early as 1928 by Rosenblum, and it is continuously updated. The collection, originally created and maintained by Helmut Paul, considers any ion and target combination that is measured and published, including solids (amorphous or polycrystalline), gases, elements or compounds, new materials such as polymers, oxides, silicates, and also biological targets. It deals with the electronic stopping power, assuming that nuclear stopping has been subtracted or is negligible.

Since 2015, the Stopping Power Database is maintained by the Nuclear Data Section (IAEA). Dr. Claudia Montanari (Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET) is responsible for the compilation of data and the update of the database. Articles about the database can be found in Literature.

Query the database

The database can be queried either by Ion, or by Target, or by Ion and Target. Querying by Ion will retrieve a summary of the information available for that Ion. Querying by Target will retrieve a summary of the information available for that Target. By quering or selecting a specific Ion-Target pair you can access all the datapoints available for that specific pair, both as a plot and as downloadable files.

Search by Ion or Target

The database can also be queried by Author. Quering by Author will return the list of all the publications available in the database for that Author.

Search by Author

The database can also be queried via a programmatic API.

Download the database

Download the latest version of the database in compressed format (~ 1MB):

Download data
Version 2024-03 - released on 1st of March, 2024
4,374 Experiments | 64,168 Datapoints
Download references
Version 2024-03 - released on 1st of March, 2024
734 References | 3,071 Authors

Previous releases of the database can be downloaded from the Versions page.

Cite the database

IAEA Stopping Power Database, version 2024-03,
Reference paper:
"The IAEA electronic stopping power database: Modernization, review, and analysis of the existing experimental data" C.C. Montanari, P. Dimitriou, L. Marian, A.M.P. Mendez, J.P. Peralta, F. Bivort-Haiek, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. B 551 (2024) 165336,