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Main features of the WLUP libraries

A validated WIMS-D formatted cross section library is available in 69 and 172 energy group structures for nuclear reactor calculations. More than 170 materials from recently released evaluated nuclear data libraries are included. The NJOY nuclear data processing system was applied for generating the cross section files following the models and conventions built into the WIMS-D lattice code. The libraries, the original and the updated documentation can be retrieved from the Downloads page. Here the relevant features for the WIMS users are briefly presented:
1. Energy group structures: 69 and 172 energy groups.
2. List of materials: WIMS ID, general information, source of data.
3. Cross sections: 69 and 172 group plots.
4. Resonance data: WIMS ID, temperature, background cross sections.
5. Goldstein-Cohen factors: Goldstein-Cohen lambda values.
6. Thermal scattering data: thermal scattering laws and P1 matrixes.
7. Fission spectrum: fission spectrum data.
8. Burnup data: burnup chains.
9. Fission product yields: fission yield tables.
10. Pseudo lumped fission product: Description of pseudo fission product.
11. Energy release by fission: table of energy released by fission.
12. Dosimetry data: dosimetry reactions, source of data.
13. Averaging flux and current spectra: flux and current spectra plots (Numerical data on NJOY inputs).
14. WIMSD5B updates: WIMSD5B extensions and updates.
15. Processing methods: Brief description on processing methods.