NRDC 2009

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
(25-26 May 2009)
Scientific Secretary: S.Dunaeva


INDC(NDS)-0558 (Editor: S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka, O.Schwerer )


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Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
NNDC (Brookhaven, USA)--
NEADB(Paris, France)pdf379
NDS(Vienna, Austria)pdf282
CJD(Obninsk, Russia)pdf85
CNDC(Beijing, China)pdf171
ATOMKI(Debrecen, Hungary)pdf100
JCPRG(Sapporo, Japan)pdf218
JAEA (Tokai-mura, Japan)--
KAERI(Taejon, Korea)pdf99
CAJaD(Moscow, Russia)pdf85
CDFE(Moscow, Russia)pdf723
CNPD(Sarov, Russia)pdf82
UkrNDC(Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf169
NDPCI(Mumbai, India)pdf245

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2009-01Conclusions and action of the 2008 NRDC Meeting pdf80
WP2009-02Review of corrections since the 2008 NRDC Meeting (Action A50, A60)N.Otsuka pdf9
WP2009-03Short analysis of IAEA-NDS EXFOR DB errors reportS.Dunaeva, V.Zerkin pdf49
WP2009-04EXFOR-2009-05-08 JANIS IMPORT LOGM.Bossant, C.Nordborg, N.Soppera pdf409
WP2009-05JANIS EXFOR TRANS CheckerN.Soppera, M.Bossant pdf320
WP2009-06Uncertainty propagation in TOF-data (Memo CP-D/564rev)S.Kopecky, P.Schillebeeckx, N.Otsuka pdf269
WP2009-07Compilation and transmission statisticsS.Dunaeva pdf22
WP2009-08Statistics of checking preliminary transesS.Dunaeva pdf199
WP2009-09Retrospective statistics of publication compilation (Action A9, A13)S.Dunaeva pdf39
WP2009-10EXFOR completeness for neutron data published in Phys.Rev.C (Memo CP-D/562)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva, A.Mengoni pdf22
WP2009-11Public version of the "current compilation" webpage (Action A9)V.Zerkin, S.Dunaeva pdf102
WP2009-12Status of new compilation rule (Action A29, A30)S.Dunaeva pdf18
WP2009-13Data type code EXP (Memo CP-D/552)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva pdf11
WP2009-14Coding of elemental cross section divided by isotopic abundance (Memo CP-D/546)N.Otsuka, O.Schwerer pdf2171
WP2009-15Ranged uncertainty values (Memo CP-D/530rev, 4C-4/176)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva, O.Schwerer, M.Mikhaylyukova pdf29
WP2009-16HISTORY coding (Memo CP-D/537rev)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva pdf12
WP2009-17Institute code under INSTITUTE and FACILITY (Memo CP-D/557)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva pdf20
WP2009-18Coding mistakes in EXFOR REFERENCE lines converted to CINDA (Memo CP-D/561, Action A45, A46)H.Henriksson, N.Otsuka pdf13
WP2009-19Coding of REFERENCE and REL-REF (Memo CP-D/565rev)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva pdf54
WP2009-20SIG/SUM correction for NRDC2009 discussion (Memo 4C-4/175rev)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf109
WP2009-21Proposals related to the EXFOR keyword AUTHORC.Nordborg pdf985
WP2009-22Proposals related to the EXFOR keyword TITLEC.Nordborg pdf1817
WP2009-23Level Density Compilation since the last meeting (Action A40, A41, A57)N.Otsuka pdf12
WP2009-24Development of software package for input and editing of experimental data in EXFOR format: Exfor-Wizard as an application for creation of Exfor files with patternsG.N.Pikulina pdf123
WP2009-25DOI line under REFERENCE (Memo CP-D/566rev, Action A23, A24)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva, V.Zerkin pdf13
WP2009-26JCPRG has responsibility for the compilation of the nuclear reaction data produced in JapanH.Noto pdf15
WP2009-27EXFOR Basic Manual in html (Action A31, 32)N.Otsuka doc187
WP2009-28Current status of Japanese digitizer (GSYS)N.Furutachi pdf97
WP2009-29The Schedule of the NRDC2010 Meeting in SapporoH.Noto pdf58
WP2009-30Status of new compilation and procedure for creation CINDA reference (extraction from WP2008-12)S.Dunaeva pdf9
WP2009-31Energy coding for Spectrum AverageO.Schwerer, P.Oblozinsky, N.Otsuka pdf8


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
NNDC Report to NRDCP.Oblozinsky pdf283
NEA DB Progress ReportC.Nordborg pdf588
NDS Status ReportS.Dunaeva pdf263
Russian Nuclear Data Center (CJD IPPE, Obninsk)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf107
The Progress Report of CNDC to NRDC MeetingYu Hongwei pdf157
Center of Nuclear Physical DataS.M.Taova pdf148
A brief status report on selected Indian nuclear data physics activities submitted to the NRDC Meeting-2009S.Ganesan pdf720
Uncertainty propagation in time-of-flight dataS.Kopecky pdf490
Development of software package for input and editing of experimental Data in EXFOR FormatG.Piklina pdf405
Presentation at NRDC 2009 meetingN.Otsuka pdf2800