NRDC 2012

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
(16-19 April 2012)
Scientific Secretary: N.Otsuka


INDC(NDS)-0618 (Editor: N.Otsuka )



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
P2012-01NDPCI (Mumbai, India)pdf452
P2012-02CDFE (Moscow, Russia)pdf28
P2012-03CNPD (Sarov, Russia)pdf10
P2012-04CAJaD (Moscow, Russia)pdf114
P2012-05JCPRG (Sapporo, Japan)pdf31
P2012-06NDS (Vienna, Austria)pdf313
P2012-07CJD (Obninsk, Russia)pdf18
P2012-08ATOMKI (Debrecen, Hungary)pdf102
P2012-09NEADB (Paris, France)pdf169
P2012-10JAEA (Tokai-mura, Japan)pdf53
P2012-11UkrNDC (Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf28
P2012-12KNDC (Taejon, Korea)pdf75
NNDC (Brookhaven, USA)--
CNDC (Beijing, China)--

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2012-01Conclusions and action of the 2011 NRDC Meeting pdf76
WP2012-02New and revised entries / subentries since the 2011 NRDC meetingV.Semkova pdf18
WP2012-03Status of scanned journalsV.Semkova pdf16
WP2012-04Status of new articles for EXFOR compilation (A7)N.Otsuka pdf50
WP2012-05Compilation status of the articles from ND2010 (A6)V.Semkova pdf79
WP2012-06Statistics of checking the preliminary filesV.Semkova pdf57
WP2012-07Corrections of erroneous entries (A1, CP-D/735rev)N.Otsuka pdf21
WP2012-08Scanning responsibility of journals by CJD (4C-4/197)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf70
WP2012-09Unification of prefixes in unit codes (A9, CP-D/733)S.Hlavac pdf60
WP2012-10Short nuclide code for SF7 (A11, CP-D/734)N.Otsuka pdf15
WP2012-11LEXFOR entry "Nuclear resonance fluorescence" (CP-D/721)N.Otsuka pdf113
WP2012-12New Related Reference Code "O" (CP-N/096rev, CP-D/721)N.Otsuka pdf12
WP2012-13EXFOR/CINDA dictionaries used by JANIS softwareN.Soppera pdf189
WP2012-14Status of CINDA database in the IAEA-NDS (A16,A17,A18)V.Zerkin pdf7
WP2012-15Neutron source spectra format (A29)O.Gritzay
WP2012-16Status of neutron source spectrum compilation (A23, CP-D/700rev2)N.Otsuka pdf25
WP2012-17Compilation of nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) data (A35, CP-D/703rev2)N.Otsuka pdf53
WP2012-18Compilation of proton-induced reaction cross sections missing in EXFOR (CP-D/717rev2)N.Otsuka pdf15
WP2012-19Comparison between Landolt-Boernstein and EXFOR (proton, Memo CP-D/725)N.Otsuka pdf48
WP2012-20Status of two digits year and upper case entries (A19)N.Otsuka pdf10
WP2012-21Status of WPEC SG30 List (CP-D/736)N.Otsuka pdf11
WP2012-22Angular differential cross section without level specification(CP-D/718)N.Otsuka pdf108
WP2012-23Corrections requested in the last meeting (A20,A21,A22,A32)N.Otsuka pdf88
WP2012-24English translation of Yadernaya Fizika - YF (A33)S.Babykina pdf62
WP2012-25Analysis of JANIS Import Log (A28)N.Soppera pdf14
WP2012-26Verification of citations in EXFOR (A31, CP-N/098, CP-N/104)M.Bossant pdf98
WP2012-27Proposal for coding of covariance data in EXFOR files (A34)V.Zerkin pdf311
WP2012-28ERR-ANALYS: Correlation coefficient fieldN.Otsuka pdf14
WP2012-29Review of gamma spectra compiled in EXFOR (A38)N.Otsuka pdf63
WP2012-30Quantities of fission neutron emitted from a specific fragment *cancelled*N.Otsuka
WP2012-31Comparison between EXFOR and Karlsruhe MACS compilation (CP-D/740)N.Otsuka pdf14
WP2012-32Compilation of delayed neutron dataV.Semkova pdf143
WP2012-33Revised Guide for EXFOR Compilers (A34)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf14
WP2012-34Coding of SAMPLE (4C-4/195)M.Mikhaylyulkova pdf31
WP2012-35INC-SOURCE in spontaneous fission entries (4C-4/198)M.Mikhaylyulkova pdf41
WP2012-36Automatic conversion of ND/B to NDSM.Mikhaylyukova pdf38
WP2012-37Archiving of old evaluated data librariesN.Otsuka pdf75
WP2012-38Revision of protocol "EXFOR processing and retrieval codes" (A50, CP-F/006)S.Taova pdf7
WP2012-39Development of software for input and editing of experimental data in EXFOR formatG.Pikulina pdf68
WP2012-40Systems for compilation and user services in JCPRGM.Aikawa pdf9
WP2012-41Development of digitizing software GSYS (A48)R.Suzuki pdf83
WP2012-42(Superseded by WP2012-42rev)) pdf564
WP2012-42(Rev.)Development of Web Tool for constructing a covariance matrix from EXFOR uncertaintiesV.Zerkin pdf520
WP2012-43Developments of academic bases of nuclear data researches in AsiaA.Makinaga pdf301


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
A brief status report on the activities of Nuclear Data Physics Centre of India (NDPCI)A.Saxena pdf3237
Summary of the CDFE nuclear data activity for 2011 - 2012 period of timeV.V.Varlamov pdf7501
Center of Nuclear Physics Data - Status report to the NRDC Meeting, April 16-19, 2012, ParisS.M.Taova pdf2037
Japan Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG) progress reportM.Aikawa pdf67
Centre Report - IAEA NDSR.A.Forrest pdf964
Progress report Nuclear Reaction Data Group at ATOMKIF.Tarkanyi pdf68
NEA Data Bank progress report 2011 - 2012K.Matsumoto, E.Dupont pdf53
Ukraninian Nuclear Data Centre - Progress report Technical Meeting on the International Network of NRDCO.Gritzay pdf353
2011/12 Status Report of China Nuclear Data CenterGe Zhigang pdf5565
NNDC report to NRDCM.Herman pdf882
NDS Meetings relevant to EXFORR.A.Forrest pdf436
EXFOR Dictionary 25 - unitsS.Hlavac pdf64
EXFOR/CINDA dictionaries used by JANISN.Soppera pdf808
Neutron source spectra format (A29)O.Gritzay pdf725
Verification of citations in EXFOR (A31)M.Bossant pdf774
Archiving of old evaluated data librariesN.Otsuka pdf2144
Action 50 - Propose revision of "EXFOR processing and retrieval codes" in the NRDC Protocol for future co-operation in software development between centersS.Taova pdf492
Development of software package for input and editing of experimental data in EXFOR FormatG.Pikulina pdf1917
Systems for compilation and user services in JCPRGM.Aikawa pdf3251
Development of digitizing software GSYS (A48)R.Suzuki pdf4650
Recent development of the EXFOR output formats: X4+, XML, HTMLV.Zerkin pdf1323
EXFOR data correction system: Progress in 2011-2012V.Zerkin pdf3917
Presentation of the JANIS softwareN.Soppera pdf2304
ND2013 - International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science & TechnologyM.Herman pdf417
Developments of academic bases of nuclear data research in AsiaA.Makinaga pdf1417