NRDC Documents


INDC(NDS)-0401 Rev.6International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data CentresN.Otsuka2014-05
IAEA-NDS-0206EXFOR Formats Description for Users (EXFOR Basics)O.Schwerer2008-06
IAEA-NDS-0207EXFOR Formats ManualO.Schwerer2015-08
IAEA-NDS-0208LEXFOR (EXFOR Compiler's Manual)O.Schwerer2015-08
IAEA-NDS-0213EXFOR/CINDA Dictionary ManualO.Schwerer, N.Otuka2014-12
IAEA-NDS-0215NRDC Protocol (Protocol for Cooperation between Nuclear Reaction Data Centres)N.Otuka2018-06
IAEA-NDS-0216GDGraph 5.0 Manual a tool for digitization of graph image Jin Yongli, Chen Guochang2013-08
BNL-NCS-63381-03/06-Rev.Citation Guidelines for Nuclear Data Retrieved from Databases Resident at the Nuclear Data Centres NetworkV.McLane2003-06
NEA/DB/DOC(2008)3CINDA Compilers ManualH.Henriksson2008-05
(no number)Short Guide for EXFOR compilersM.Mikhaylyukova, V.Pronyaev2012-04
IAEA-NDS-0215NRDC Protocol (Protocol for Cooperation between Nuclear Reaction Data Centres)N.Otuka2014-05


INDC(NDS)-0697Compilation of Thermal Neutron Scattering Data for Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data Library (EXFOR)J.I.Marquez Damian, V.Semkova2016-04
NEA/DB/DOC(2014)3Statistical Verification and Validation of the EXFOR database: (n,n'), (n,2n), (n,p), (n,α) and other neutron-induced threshold reaction cross-sectionsA.Koning2014-09
INDC(NDS)-0647EXFOR Data in Resonance Region and Spectrometer's Response FunctionF.Gunsing, P.Schillebeeckx, V.Semkova2013-12
INDC(NDS)-0614Summary Report of the Consultants' Meeting on Further Development of EXFORD.Brown, S.Simakov2012-04
INDC(NDS)-0590Summary Report of the Consultants' Meeting on Neutron Sources Spectra for EXFORS.P.Simakov, F.Kaeppeler2011-10
NEA/NSC/WPEC/DOC(2010)428Quality improvement of the EXFOR databaseA.Koning (ed.)2011-00
NEA/NSC/DOC(2007)25Summary Report of the First Meeting "Quality Improvement of EXFOR, 10 and 11 October 2007, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria"A.Koning, A.Mengoni2007-12
BNL-75288-2005-IRA short history of CSISRSN.Holden2005-12
IAEA-NDS-0080PROGRAM X4TOC4 (Version 2001-3) Translation of experimental data from the EXFOR Format to Computational FormatD.E.Cullen, A.Trkov2001-03
IAEA-NDS-0001Short guide to EXFORH.D.Lemmel1996-11
IAEA-NDS-0151ERES - A PC Program for Nuclear Data Compilation in EXFOR FormatLi Shubing, Liang Qichang, Liu Tingin1994-02
IAEA-NDS-0101ANDEX - A PC software assisting the nuclear data compilation in EXFORV.Osorio1991-02
IAEA-NDS-0081Computation format computer codes X4TOC4 and PLOTC4 - Implementing and testing on a personal computerP.K.McLaughlin1987-05
INDC(CCP)-0461Russian Nuclear Data Center: History of creation and achievementsV.N.Manokhin, A.I.Blokhin, A.V.Ignaytuk2019-12
INDC(CCP)-0250Data input technology for producing a secondary informatino document in "Generalized EXFOR" Format on a minicomputerG.M.Zhuravleva, A.E.Ingnatochkin, F.E.Chukreev1985-10
INDC(CCP)-0249Updating and using the International Non-Neutron Experimental Nuclear Data Base in "Generalized EXFOR" FormatG.M.Zhuravleva, F.E.Chukreev1985-10


J.Phys.Conf.Ser.1555(2020)012009How to search on EXFORN.Otuka, N.Soppera2020-05
Bull.Acad.Sci.Phys.83(2019)1429Compilation of experimental nuclear reaction data measured in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for the EXFOR LibraryN.Kenzhebayev, T.K.Zholdybayev, F.Kh.Ergashev, N.Otuka2019-11
Phys.Atom.Nucl.81(2018)1450Activities of the RFNC-VNIIEF Center of Nuclear Physics Data on the compilation of experimental data for the EXFOR international library: EXFOR-EDITOR software packageG.Pikulina, S.Taova2018-12
Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A888(2018)31The experimental nuclear reaction data (EXFOR): Extended computer database and Web retrieval systemV.Zerkin, B.Pritychenko2018-04
Yad. Konst. 2(2017)2Russian Nuclear Data Centre: The story of development and activityV.N.Manokhin, A.I.Blokhin, A.V.Ignatyuk2017-00
EPJ Web.Conf.146(2017)07005Experiments in the EXFOR library for evaluation of thermal neutron constantsN.Otuka, R.Capote, V.Semkova, T.Kawai, G.Noguere2017-09
EPJ Web.Conf.146(2017)02045Dissemination of data measured at CERN n_TOF facilityE.Dupont, N.Otuka, O.Cabellos et al.2017-09
Nucl.Data Sheets 120(2014)268Developments of the EXFOR Database: Possible New FormatsR.A.Forrest, V.Zerkin, S.Simakov2014-06


IAEA-NDS-0001Short guide to EXFORH.D.Lemmel1986-06
IAEA-NDS-0001Short guide to EXFORA.Calamand, H.D.Lemmel1974-00
IAEA-NDS-0003NDS EXFOR ManualH.D.Lemmel (ed.)1996-11
IAEA-NDS-0066EXFOR-INDEX Index to EXFOR Neutron Data 1985M.M.Seits, H.D.Lemmel1985-06
IAEA-NDS-0080PROGRAM X4TOC4 (Version 86-1) Translation of experimental data from the EXFOR Format to Computational FormatD.E.Cullen1986-09
IAEA-NDS-0103EXFOR Manual - Center-to-Center Exchange FormatV.McLane (ed.)1989-09
IAEA-NDS-0207EXFOR Formats ManualN.Otsuka2011-01
IAEA-NDS-0207EXFOR Exchange Formats ManualO.Schwerer2008-02
IAEA-NDS-0207EXFOR Exchange Formats ManualO.Schwerer2004-08
IAEA-NDS-0207EXFOR Systems ManualV.McLane2001-04
IAEA-NDS-0208LEXFOR (EXFOR Compiler's Manual)N.Otsuka2011-01
IAEA-NDS-0208LEXFOR (EXFOR Compiler's Manual)O.Schwerer2008-02
IAEA-NDS-0208LEXFOR (EXFOR Compiler's Manual)V.McLane2006-01
IAEA-NDS-0208LEXFOR (EXFOR Compiler's Manual)V.McLane2001-05
IAEA-NDS-0213EXFOR/CINDA Dictionary ManualO.Schwerer2007-08
IAEA-NDS-0213EXFOR/CINDA Dictionary ManualO.Schwerer2008-02
IAEA-NDS-0215NRDC Protocol (Protocol for Cooperation between Nuclear Reaction Data Centres)N.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva2010-11
INDC(NDS)-0401 Rev.5International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data CentresN.Otsuka, S.Dunaeva2010-11
INDC(NDS)-0401 Rev.4Nuclear Reaction Data Centres NetworkV.G.Pronyaev, O.Schwerer2003-08
INDC(NDS)-0401Nuclear Reaction Data Centres NetworkV.G.Pronyaev, O.Schwerer2003-08
INDC(NDS)-0401The Nuclear Data Centres NetworkV.G.Pronyaev2000-07
INDC(NDS)-0401The Nuclear Data Centres NetworkV.G.Pronyaev2000-03
INDC(NDS)-0401The Nuclear Data Centres NetworkV.G.Pronyaev1999-09
INDC(NDS)-0401The Nuclear Data Centres NetworkV.G.Pronyaev1999-03
INDC(NDS)-0359The Nuclear Data Centres NetworkH.D.Lemmel1997-03
INDC(NDS)-0324The Nuclear Data Centres NetworkH.D.Lemmel1995-08
(no number)Protocol for Cooperation between the Nuclear Reaction Data CentersO.Schwerer2004-12
(no number)CINDA2001 ManualH.Henriksson2008-02
(no number)CINDA2001 ManualH.Henriksson2005-11
(no number)CINDA2001 ManualM.Kellett2004-01
(no number)CINDA2001 ManualV.McLane2001-05
(no number)CINDA Reader's ManualM.Kellett2003-04
(no number)Short Guide for EXFOR compilersM.Mikhaylyukova, V.Pronyaev2009-07
BNL-NCS-63380-2001/05-Rev.EXFOR Basics - A Short Guide to the Nuclear Reaction Data Exchange FormatV.McLane2001-05