Workshop 2010

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
(30 August-3 September 2010)
Scientific Secretary: S.Dunaeva


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Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WS2010-01Draft of EXFOR Formats ManualN.Otsuka pdf820
WS2010-01rev(WS2010-01 corrected after the Workshop)N.Otsuka pdf775
WS2010-02Draft of LEXFORN.Otsuka pdf1416
WS2010-02rev(WS2010-02 corrected after the Workshop)N.Otsuka pdf1286
WS2010-03Draft of NRDC Protocol (=WP2010-02rev)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf143
WS2010-03rev(WS2010-03 corrected after the Workshop=WP2010-02rev2)N.Otsuka pdf175
WS2010-04Draft of Network Document (=WP2010-03rev)S.Dunaeva, N.Otsuka pdf329
WS2010-04rev(WS2010-04 corrected after the Workshop)N.Otsuka pdf265
WS2010-05EXFOR compilation: main stepsM.Mihaylyukova, V.Pronyaev pdf302


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
Scope and objectivesS.Simakov pdf144
Summary of manual updatesN.Otsuka pdf5941
EXFOR Uploading SystemV.Zerkin pdf439
Covariance data in EXFOR: Coding, examples, software supportV.Zerkin pdf208
Japanese Editor - HENDEL SoftwareA.Makinaga pdf686
Introduction into EXFOR-EditorG.Piuklina pdf1246
New Possibilities of EXFOR-EditorS.Taova pdf745