NRDC 2011

IAEA Headquarters (Room M4), Vienna, Austria
(23-24 May 2011)
Scientific Secretary: N.Otsuka


INDC(NDS)-0593 (Editor: N.Otsuka)



Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
P2011-01JAEA (Tokai-mura, Japan)pdf196
P2011-02CAJaD (Moscow, Russia)pdf14
P2011-03UkrNDC (Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf118
P2011-04CDFE (Moscow, Russia)pdf202
P2011-05CJD (Obninsk, Russia)pdf94
P2011-06NDS (Vienna, Austria)pdf640
P2011-07JCPRG (Sapporo, Japan)pdf122
P2011-08ATOMKI (Debrecen, Hungary)pdf71
P2011-09CNPD (Sarov, Russia)pdf10
P2011-10NEADB (Paris, France)pdf187
P2011-11CNDC (Beijing, China)pdf1718
P2011-12KAERI (Taejon, Korea)pdf55
NNDC (Brookhaven, USA)--
NDPCI (Mumbai, India)--

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2011-01Conclusions and action of the 2010 NRDC Meeting pdf192
WP2011-02New and revised entries / subentries since the 2010 NRDC MeetingV.Semkova pdf189
WP2011-03Statistics of checking the preliminary filesV.Semkova pdf216
WP2011-04Status of new articles compilation (A4)V.Semkova pdf122
WP2011-05Status: Retransmission of old entries (A13)V.Semkova pdf17
WP2011-06Duplication in area 1, C and L (A26)V.Semkova pdf13
WP2011-07Status of scanned journals (A11)V.Semkova pdf63
WP2011-08Suggestion to EXFOR Compilation Control Database (4C-4/187)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf21
WP2011-09ND2010 Conf. Proc. publication (A6, CP-D/702, 4C-4/190)N.Otsuka, M.Mikhaylyukova pdf97
WP2011-10Report from Technical Meeting on Neutron Cross Section CovariancesN.Otsuka pdf116
WP2011-11Correction of prompt fission neutron spectrum entries (CP-D/701 Rev.)N.Otsuka pdf213
WP2011-12Super-heavy element production cross sectionN.Otsuka pdf161
WP2011-13Compilation of Light-Ion Induced Neutron Spectra for Application (CP-D/700)S.Simakov pdf337
WP2011-14Data needs for nuclear resonance florescence(CP-D/703)S.Simakov pdf265
WP2011-15Compilation of experimental data for standard cross section evaluation (CP-D/699)V.Semkova pdf205
WP2011-16Review of feedback list with new flags (A7, A41,A49, CP-D/697)N.Otsuka pdf127
WP2011-17Follow-up of WPEC Subgroup 30 activities on quality improvement of the EXFOR database (A23)E.Dupont pdf664
WP2011-18JANIS Import Log (A24)N.Soppera pdf155
WP2011-19EXFOR DB error report (A18)V.Zerkin pdf36
WP2011-20Updated manualsN.Otsuka pdf74
WP2011-21(Number never assigned)
WP2011-22(Superseded by WP2011-22rev)pdf164
WP2011-22(Rev.)(Superseded by WP2011-22rev2)pdf153
WP2011-22(Rev.2)Storage of numerical neutron source spectra (A25)O.Gritzay pdf173
WP2011-23Length of EXFOR transmission records (CP-D/645)O.Schwerer pdf5
WP2011-24Incorrect authors' name (A53)M.Bossant pdf901
WP2011-25Spelling of nuclides and mathematical expression in free text (A54)M.Bossant pdf270
WP2011-26Addition of English translation (Atomnaya Energiya)S.Babykina pdf324
WP2011-27LEXFOR entry for covariances in the AGS Format (A51, CP-D/680)N.Otsuka pdf258
WP2011-28Short nuclide code for SF7 (CP-D/648)N.Otsuka pdf223
WP2011-29Reaction products unstable against prompt particle decay (CP-D/646)N.Otsuka pdf146
WP2011-30Characteristic energy for prompt fission neutron spectrum (CP-D/675)N.Otsuka pdf108
WP2011-31Fission quantity correlated with kinetic energyN.Otsuka pdf216
WP2011-32(Superseded by WP2011-32(Rev.)) pdf184
WP2011-32(Rev.)Coding of partial uncertainties and correlation matricesN.Otsuka pdf184
WP2011-33EXFOR NewsN.Otsuka pdf63
WP2011-34Automatic DOI number creation (A9, CP-D/698)N.Otsuka pdf141
WP2011-35Automatic addition DOI to EXFOR entries: to do or not to do? Collection of PDF and BibTeX for papers referenced in EXFOR. (A10)V.Zerkin pdf34
WP2011-36Comments on CHEX (4C-4/189, CP-A/172)M.Mikhaylyukova, S.Babykina pdf165
WP2011-37Report on JANIS-TRANS Checker (A62)N.Soppera pdf812
WP2011-38Development of software for input and editing of experimental data in EXFOR format - New version of the EXFOR Editor (A60)G.Pikulina pdf60
WP2011-39Experience of software development cooperation and proposals on its facilitationG.Pikulina pdf9
WP2011-40Coding of covariance data in EXFOR convenient for softwareV.Zerkin pdf164
WP2011-41Web tool for constructing a covariance matrix from EXFOR uncertaintiesV.Zerkin pdf371
WP2011-42Status of CINDA database in the IAEA-NDSV.Zerkin pdf6
WP2011-43EXFOR database updatesV.Zerkin pdf135


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
Ukrainian Nuclear Data Centre Progress ReportO.Gritzay pdf71
Russian Nuclear Data Center (CJD IPPE, Obninsk)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf183
Progress reportS.Takacs, F.Tarkanyi, B.Kiraly pdf209
Center of Nuclear Physics DataS.M.Taova pdf1402
NEA Data Bank Progress Report 2010-2011N.Soppera pdf46
2010/11 status report of China Nuclear Data CenterGe Zhigang pdf3039
NNDC report to NRDC on EXFOR activitiesS.Hlavac, O.Schwerer, P.Oblozinsky, B.Pritychenko pdf3213
EXFOR compilations under the auspices of the newly formed Nuclear Data Physics Centre of India (NDPCI)S.Ganesan pdf5342
Status of the EXFOR Entry transmission 2010/2011V.M.Semkova pdf770
Report on Consultancy meeting (CM) "Neutron Source Spectra for EXFOR"S.P.Simakov pdf703
Compilation of nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) dataS.P.Simakov pdf671
Compilation of experimental data for standard cross sections evaluationV.M.Semkova pdf149
Report from WPEC SG30 (A23)E.Dupont pdf311
JANIS Import LogN.Soppera pdf54
EXFOR Dictionary 25 - unitsS.Hlavac pdf234
Storage of numerical neutron source spectra (Action 25)O.Gritzay pdf672
Incorrect authors' name (A53)M.Bossant pdf1447
EXFOR Formats for partial uncertainties and covariancesN.Otsuka pdf1601
EXFOR-Editor developmentG.Pikulina pdf318
Experience of software development cooperation and proposals on its facilitatingG.Pikulina pdf275