Workshop 2013

IAEA Headquarters (Room F0683), Vienna, Austria
(27-30 August 2013)
Scientific Secretary: N.Otsuka


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Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WS2013-01Error propagation, least-squares and weighted averageN.Otsuka pdf265
WS2013-02Validation of a Format of Data Input to the EXFOR Data Library by EXFOR-EditorG.Pikulina pdf135


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
Introduction: Background, contents, objectivesN.Otsuka pdf2015
Basic conceptsN.Otsuka pdf2011
Data reduction and error propagationN.Otsuka pdf996
Some examples of uncertainty analysis in activation measurementsV.Semkova pdf1136
Cross section measurements of charged particle induced reactions: Possible systematic errorsS.Takacs pdf575
Analysis for filtered neutron transmissionO.Gritzay pdf1312
Covariance analysis of the measured 40Ca(n,tot) cross sections up to 20 MeVZhang Yue pdf2089
Evaluation: Least-squares analysis and weighted averageN.Otsuka pdf914
Evaluation: Least squares (Exercise)N.Otsuka pdf230
Introduction of digitization software GDgraphChen Guochang pdf3855
Report on EXFOR compilation and some selected nuclear physics experiments in IndiaR.Ghosh pdf1901
Feedback on compilation tools from Indian EXFOR compilersS.Badwar pdf3085
New functions of GSYS and compilation toolsA.Makinaga pdf901
Approaches to estimation of error introduced to numeric data at digitization of graphic documentationS.Taova pdf468
Digitizing testS.Taova pdf306
Validation of a format of data input to the EXFOR data library by EXFOR-EditorG.Pikulina pdf1108
Current state of InpGraph developmentG.Pikulina pdf599