NRDC 2014

Kongresové centrum Smolenice SAV, Smolenice, Slovakia
(6-9 May 2014)
Scientific Secretary: N.Otsuka


INDC(NDS)-0661 (Editor: N.Otuka and E.Dupont)


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Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
P2014-01NDPCI (Mumbai, India)pdf1397
P2014-02CNPD (Sarov, Russia)pdf10
P2014-03ATOMKI (Debrecen, Hungary)pdf140
P2014-04JAEA (Tokai-mura, Japan)pdf121
P2014-05CNDC (Beijing, China)pdf686
P2014-06NDS (Vienna, Austria)pdf183
P2014-07CJD (Obninsk, Russia)pdf16
P2014-08NEADB (Paris, France)pdf167
P2014-09JCPRG (Sapporo, Japan)pdf28
P2014-10CDFE (Moscow, Russia)pdf22
P2014-11UkrNDC (Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf27
NNDC (Brookhaven, USA)--
KNDC (Taejon, Korea)--

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2014-01Conclusions and action of the 2013 NRDC Meeting pdf85
WP2014-02New and revised entries / subentries since the 2013 NRDC meetingV.Semkova pdf85
WP2014-03Scanning of new publications by NDSV.Semkova pdf19
WP2014-04Preliminary tape checking by centresV.Semkova pdf60
WP2014-05Statistics of new article compilation (A1)N.Otsuka pdf115
WP2014-06Corrections of entries in feedback list (A6)N.Otsuka pdf66
WP2014-07Status of CAJaD and future compilation of CPND from former USSR (CP-D/824)N.Otsuka, S.Taova pdf26
WP2014-08Compilation of data measured in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan N.Otsuka pdf8
WP2014-09Revised Network Document (A11-A12)N.Otsuka pdf138
WP2014-10NDS Open Area and naming convention (CP-D/816)N.Otsuka pdf10
WP2014-11Revised NRDC Protocol (A13,A17 CP-D/840)N.Otsuka pdf94
WP2014-12LEXFOR entry "Digitization" (A15 CP-D/836)N.Otsuka pdf19
WP2014-13LEXFOR and Formats Manual on covariance (CP-C/428)N.Otsuka pdf13
WP2014-14Expansion of heading ERR-i; i=1,2,.. (A25, CP-D/843)N.Otsuka pdf94
WP2014-15Status of CINDA databaseV.Zerkin pdf6
WP2014-16Compilation of articles with a priority (A28,A30-A32,A34)V.Semkova pdf169
WP2014-17EXFOR data in resonance region and spectrometer's response functionV.Semkova pdf91
WP2014-18Isotope production reaction data (A33 CP-D/793)N.Otsuka pdf101
WP2014-19EXFOR completeness for articles cited in Mughabghab's Atlas (A35-A36 4C-3/395)N.Otsuka pdf125
WP2014-20EXFOR completeness for articles cited in NACRE II article (CP-D/833)N.Otsuka pdf71
WP2014-21The IAEA CRP on IRDFF validation and EXFOR (CP-D/838)S.Simakov pdf18
WP2014-22EXFOR completeness for articles compiled in IBANDL (CP-D/832rev)V.Semkova pdf14
WP2014-23(Superseded by WP2014-23(Rev.)) pdf196
WP2014-23 (Rev.)Delayed neutron energy spectrum from a specific precursor (CP-C/429, CP-D/837)O.Schwerer, V.Semkova pdf206
WP2014-24Corrections requested in the last meetings (A38-A39,A44-A46)N.Otsuka pdf73
WP2014-25Duplication created from the same reference (A40-A42)N.Otsuka pdf73
WP2014-26Duplication in proton activation cross sections measured by Michel's group (CP-D/805)N.Otsuka pdf38
WP2014-27English translation of ZET and ZEP (CP-D/809)N.Otsuka pdf29
WP2014-28English translation of DOK (CP-D/842)N.Otsuka pdf65
WP2014-29English translation of IZV (A47)N.Otsuka pdf8
WP2014-30Analysis of JANIS Import Log (A50-A51)N.Otsuka pdf10
WP2014-31NODATA+UNOBT Entries (A53)N.Otsuka pdf12
WP2014-32EXFOR Updates and Archives: database and Web accessV.Zerkin pdf425
WP2014-33Free EXFOR entry numbers (4C-4/207)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf20
WP2014-34Usage of Heading THICKNESS (CP-D/808)N.Otsuka pdf11
WP2014-35Discovering repetition of values of independent variables in EXFOR data library (A71)V.Zerkin pdf52
WP2014-36LEXFOR "Neutron yields" (CP-D/798rev)N.Otsuka pdf92
WP2014-37LEXFOR "Fission yields" and related dictionary additions (CP-D/807)N.Otsuka pdf69
WP2014-38LEXFOR "Thermonuclear Reaction Rate" (CP-D/810)N.Otsuka pdf8
WP2014-39Excitation Energy for Inclusive Reaction (SF3=X) (CP-D/813rev2)N.Otsuka pdf74
WP2014-40Coding of articles form ND2013 conference (CP-C/418, CP-D/791)S.Hlavac, N.Otsuka pdf11
WP2014-41(Superseded by WP2014-41(Rev.)) pdf76
WP2014-41(Rev.)Beta-delayed neutron emission probability and multiplicity (CP-C/429, 4C-3/396)O.Schwerer, V.Semkova pdf87
WP2014-42History coding (CP-C/424)O.Schwerer pdf22
WP2014-43Addition to LEXFOR entry on partial reactions (CP-C/425)O.Schwerer pdf13
WP2014-44Addition to dictionary 24 and LEXFOR: Heading TKE (CP-C/426)O.Schwerer pdf8
WP2014-45Data set coded with RNORM or RCALC under STATUS (CP-D/841rev)N.Otsuka pdf16
WP2014-46Compilation of data corrected or derived by other than authorN.Otsuka, O.Schwerer pdf89
WP2014-47New versions of InpGraph - structure and service (A75)G.Pikulina pdf14
WP2014-48New estimation of digitizing error in program InpGraph (CP-F/010)S.Taova pdf83
WP2014-49Results of the EXFOR-Editor development and testing (A75)G.Pikulina pdf13
WP2014-50Integration of the X4+ converter code into the EXFOR-Editor (A66)G.Pikulina pdf8
WP2014-51Japanese compilation tools (A72-A73)M.Aikawa pdf12
WP2014-52X4Plot: Universal plotting of EXFOR data with arbitrary selection and grouping columnsV.Zerkin pdf258
WP2014-53EXFOR search by author using aliasesV.Zerkin pdf60
WP2014-54Coding of covariance data for all EXFOR Entries having authors' covariance (A70)V.Zerkin pdf61
WP2014-55Central Asian Nuclear Reaction Database (CA-NRDB)N.Takibayev pdf22
WP2014-56Compilation of data measured in Kazakhstan and UzbekistanN.Kenzhebayev pdf23


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
An Overview of activities of Nuclear Data Physics Centre of India 2012-2014A.Saxena pdf3605
Center of Nuclear Physics DataS.M.Taova pdf296
Progress report: Nuclear Reaction Data Group at ATOMKIF.Tarkanyi pdf53
Progress Report of Nuclear Data Center of Japan Atomic Energy Agency for April 2013 - March 2014O.Iwamoto pdf930
2013/14 status report of China Nuclear Data CenterGe Zhigang pdf2410
Centre Report - IAEA NDSR.A.Forrest pdf1270
Russian Nuclear Data Center (CJD, IPPE, Obninsk)M.Mikhaylyukova pdf215
NEA Data Bank (DB) progress report 2013-2014K.Matsumoto, E.Dupont pdf35
JCPRG progress reportM.Aikawa pdf414
Centre for Photonuclear Experiments DataV.Varlamov pdf2899
Ukrainian Nuclear Data Centre progress reportO.Gritzay pdf299
EXFOR activities in KoreaY.O.Lee pdf5228
Area #1 EXFOR report 2013B.Pritychenko pdf828
The IAEA CRP on IRDFF validation and EXFORS.P.Simakov pdf1018
Delayed neutron energy spectrum from a specific precursorV.Semkova pdf501
Data corrected or derived by other than authorsN.Otsuka pdf1143
New versions of InpGraph - structure and serviceG.Pikulina pdf567
Estimation of digitizing error in program InpGraphS.Taova pdf256
Introduction of the digitization software GDgraphChen Guochang pdf2271
Results of the EXFOR-Editor - development and testingG.Pikulina pdf1374
Integration of the X4+ converter code into the EXFOR-EditorG.Pikulina pdf223
Japanese compilation toolsM.Aikawa pdf725
Development of EXFOR-XMLV.Zerkin pdf650
IBANDL maintenance system and new Web interfaceV.Zerkin pdf908
Remote Web server calculations for EXFOR, ENDF, EMPIRE, GNDV.Zerkin pdf1283
Portable EMPIRE-3.2.2 for WindowsV.Zerkin pdf483
Introduction to the Central Asian Nuclear Reaction DatabaseN.Takibayev pdf2012
Compilation activity in Central Asia (Central Asian Nuclear Reaction Database)N.Kenzhebayev pdf911
EXFOR innovative nuclear data: response to safeguards needs and new measuring techniquesS.P.Simakov pdf566
EXFOR for CIELO project: 16O(n,a) and 13C(a,n) dataS.P.Simakov pdf829
Experimental nuclear reaction data compilation and other needs of CIELO projectB.Pritychenko pdf1031