Memo CP-C

US National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC)

disc:for discussion; m:to be in manual; M:added into manual; l:to be in error list; L:added into error list; a:to be in article list; A:added into article list; wd: withdrawn

482docx102020-05-23Additions to dictionary 236 (Quantities): PRV,KE,LF+HF and CUM,PY,,TT -
481docx92020-05-11Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): PAR/CUM,SIG,G -
480docx92020-05-08Addition to dictionary 24 (Data headings): DATA-AP-CM -
479docx92020-04-26Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): (CUM)/M+,FY -
478docx472020-04-09Towards more human readable EXFOR - -
477revdocx102020-03-29Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities):ISP/SEC,FY; ISP/PRE,FY; ISP/PRE,KE,LF+HF; ISP/PRE,AKE,LF+HF L
477doc492020-03-29(Superseded by Memo CP-C/477(Rev.)) - -
476docx292020-02-07Spontaneous Fission Assembly (SFASS) Code, Update of Dictionary 18 -
475doc472020-01-24Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): CUM,PY,,TT -
474docx482019-11-25Additions to Dictionary 7 (Conferences) -
473doc312019-11-13Additions to dictionary 7 (Conference) 9121-
472docx472019-10-23Present status of Karlsruhe cross sections -
471docx72019-09-23Addition to dictionary 3 (Institutes): 1USAHIO -
470doc292019-04-26Dictionary 6 (Reports): LBNL- 9120-
469doc392019-04-14Procedure used for the completeness check EXFOR vs. NSR on fission yields - -
468docx212019-03-25Atomic Data Compilations in EXFOR Library wd -
467doc492019-03-12Coding of isomeric cross sections -
466axlsx382019-02-19Annex to Memo CP-C/466 - -
466apdf3752019-02-19Annex to Memo CP-C/466 - -
466doc302019-02-19Completeness check EXFOR vs. NSR: Neutron-induced fission yields - A
465axlsx222019-01-30Annex to Memo CP-C/465 - -
465apdf2512019-01-30Annex to Memo CP-C/465 - -
465doc292019-01-30Completeness check EXFOR vs. NSR: Photofission yields - A
464axlsx252018-11-29Annex to Memo CP-C/464 - -
464apdf2272018-11-29Annex to Memo CP-C/464 - -
464doc312018-11-29Completeness check EXFOR vs. NSR: Spontaneous fission yields - A
463doc302018-09-15Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): IND/TER/CRN,FY 9119-
462doc432018-04-10Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): M+,SIG,,SFC 9118-
461doc402018-03-26Additions to Dictionary 207 (Books) wd -
460doc302017-10-25Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): PR/PAR,FY,G and to dictionary 24 (Data headings): +MASS-ERR, -MASS-ERR 9117-
459doc372017-09-13Additions to Dictionary 7 (Conferences) 9117-
458doc262017-07-22Dictionary 207 (Books) - NAKAMURA 9117-
457doc292017-06-21Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): ISP/PAR,SIG 9117-
456doc7872017-05-16Proposal for the Compilation of Complementary Data Re-Analyses (X-series EXFOR compilations) - -
455doc4632017-05-16Proposal for the Extended EXFOR List of Nuclear Physics Institutions - -
454doc292017-05-10Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): ,DA/DE,,TMP and related additions to dictionary 213 (Reaction Types) 9116-
453doc272017-05-03Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): ,DA,,TMP 9116-
452doc312017-05-02Addition to dictionary 6 (Report codes): ANL/NPBTSTR and related modification on EXFOR Formats Manual, page 7.26 9116m
451doc412017-03-27Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): PR,FY,G 9115-
450doc252017-01-29Dictionary 6 (Report codes) - INL/EXT- 9115-
449docx432016-12-16Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 1USAURS 9115-
448docx162016-11-28Additions to Dictionary 7 (Conferences) 9114-
447doc252016-10-11Addition to dictionary 21 (Methods): PHWT 9114-
446doc272016-08-05Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): ,MLT/DA,G,TT 9114-
445doc272016-07-20Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): ICL,DA/DE wd -
444doc262016-07-11Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): PAR,MLT,,TT 9114-
443doc382016-04-18Addition to dictionary 16 (Status): LOST wd -
442doc242015-09-04Addition to dictionary 6 (Report codes): ORNL-CPX- 9112-
441doc272015-08-28Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): PAR,PN 9112-
440doc272015-04-13Isomeric flag -G for DECAY-DATA obligatory? - -
439doc392014-04-11Additions to Dictionary 207 (Books) 9111-
438doc262015-03-16Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): EM,DA,,LEG 9111-
437doc402015-03-13Best practices in EXFOR compilations - -
436doc262015-03-02Addition to dictionary 236 (Quantities): CUM,INT 9111-
435doc262014-12-17Addition to dictionary 236: ICL,DA/DE wd -
434doc252014-12-16Addition to dict. 236: PAR,KER and related addition to dict. 213: KRP 9111-
433doc372014-12-01Additions to Dictionary 7 (Conferences) 9110-
432doc412014-11-11Additions to dict. 236: SEC,KEP,*F and SEC,KEP,LF+HF;also IND/CRN,FY 9110-
431doc232014-10-27Addition to dict. 18: CRASS (Critical Assembly) 9110-
430doc252014-07-15Additions to dict. 236: TER,DE and TER,FY/DA,*+*F 9110-
429doc312014-05-23Update of Lexfor on delayed neutron data for individual precursors and related dictionary changes 9109M
428doc322014-04-22Updates in LEXFOR and Formats Manual on COVARIANCE - M
427doc372014-04-11Dictionary 7 (Conference) - 75GATLIN 9109-
426doc162014-04-09Addition of TKE to dictionary 24 and Lexfor 9109M
425revdoc312015-02-07Addition to LEXFOR entry on Partial Reactions and to Dictionary 24 (Data headings) - E-EXC-CMP 9111M
425doc402014-04-04(Superseded by Memo CP-C/425(Rev.)) - -
424doc512014-04-03HISTORY coding - M
423doc392014-03-25Dictionary 24 (Data headings): EN-MAX-DN, EN-MAX-NM 9109-
422revdoc252013-09-23Addition to dict. 236: ,POL/DA,,ASY/PP/RES 9107-
422doc252013-09-23(Superseded by Memo CP-C/422(Rev.)) - -
421doc252013-07-26Addition to dict. 236: (CUM),SIG/RAT 9106-
420revdoc252013-07-26Addition to dict. 236: PAR,MLT/DA,* 9107-
420doc252013-07-26(Superseded by Memo CP-C/420(Rev.)) - -
419doc252013-07-21Addition to dict. 236: CN/PAR,SIG,,RES 9107-
418doc222013-04-30Addition to dict. 7: 2013NYC - -
417doc252013-04-18Remarks on partial reactions vs. isomer production - M
416doc242013-03-14Addition to dict. 236: PAR,PY/DA 9105-
415doc252013-02-03Addition to dict. 236: ,DA/DA/DE,*/*/*,NCP 9105-
414doc242012-11-24Addition to dict. 236: PRE,FY/DE,FF 9104-
413doc702012-10-26Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - MPS 9104-
412doc372012-10-08Addition to dict. 236: LP,IPA/DP,*/* 9104-
411doc242012-09-25Addition to dict. 236: CHN,FY/DE,LF+HF 9104-
410docx402012-08-21Subfield5 (Branch) - COH/IM 9104-
410doc702012-08-21Subfield5 (Branch) - COH/IM 9104-
409doc242012-08-08Addition to dict. 236: PAR,TTY/MLT 9104-
408doc242012-08-01Additions to dict. 236: ,DA,*+* and ,IPA,* 9104-
407revdoc302012-10-25Update of dict. 33 (Particles): Short nuclide codes B8 and Li7 for REACTION SF7, and related revision of Manual 9104M
407doc302012-07-28(Superseded by Memo CP-C/407*Rev.1) - -
406doc882012-05-10Probability for emitting N particles: Proposal for new coding 9104LM
405doc212012-04-04Addition to dictionary 236: PAR,POL/DA,,ASY/PP 9104-
404doc202012-04-04Additions to dictionary 3: 1USAUCO, 1USANCC 9104-
403doc212012-03-26Addition to dictionary 236: PAR/PRE,AKE,LF+HF 9104-
402doc212012-03-26Addition to dictionary 236: PR,FY 9104-
401doc702012-03-22Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 1USAUCX, 1USAMIU 9104-
400doc222011-12-08Addition to dictionary 236: ,DA,,RES and related addition to dictionary 213 9104-
399revdoc232011-11-14Addition of PR,FY/DE and PR/PAR,FY to dictionary 236 9103-
399doc222011-11-01(Superseded by Memo CP-C/399(Rev.)) - -
398doc242011-08-29Proposed addition to Dictionary 34 (Modifier): RRE (relative to square-root(E)) and related changes to dictionary 236 9103LM
397doc192011-06-30Additions to Dictionary 236 (Quantities): MLT/DA and PAR,MLT/DA 9103-
396doc292011-06-01Additions to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9103-
395doc192011-03-08Additions to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9102-
394doc172011-01-24Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9102-
393doc792011-01-10Usage of RAD-DET and its relation to DECAY-DATA and PART-DET - m
392doc172010-12-31Dictionary 24 (Data headings) EN-NRM1-MN, EN-NRM1-MX 9102-
391doc172010-11-15Dictionary 24 (Data headings) E-DN-ERR 9102-
390doc352010-07-16Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) PR,NU/DE ,KE ,KEM 9102-
389doc422010-04-14Final and intermediate reaction products - -
388doc282010-02-11Must compilers always use all possible options? - -
387doc382009-10-15Proposed changes to dictionary 3 (Institutes) and related updates of EXFOR entries wd -
386doc292009-09-04Proposed additions to dictionary 236 9100-
385doc162009-08-31Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities): PAR,DA,*+* and PAR,DE,*+*9100-
384doc392007-04-29New code for quantities (Dictionary 36) 9093-
383doc382006-01-04New code for Data Units (Dictionary 25) 9094-
382doc332006-10-26New code for Proceedings (Dictionary 7) 9093-
381doc362006-10-26New code for University (Dictionary 3) 9093-
380doc372006-09-21Proposal to change the geographic compilation responsibility to full journal coverage
379doc2582006-09-21NNDC Progress Report (October 2004 - September 2006)
378doc1062006-08-03Deficiencies in CSISRS (EXFOR)
377doc322006-08-03Deficiencies in the X4toC4 programs
376doc332006-08-03Proposal to allow the usage of Greek letters, lower case, and accentuations
375doc31202006-08-03Proposal for the generation of Bibtex citations from CSISRS
374revdoc312006-08-15Addition to Dictionaries 236 and 25
373doc312006-05-26Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
372doc352006-03-28Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
371doc312006-03-13Addition to Dictionary 236
370revdoc312005-12-28Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journal)
369doc322005-12-16Addition to Dictionary 236
368doc362005-10-22Addition to Dictionary 32 (SF6) and Dictionary 36 (SF5-8)
367doc312005-10-18Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journal)
366doc1002005-10-10Progress Report
365doc342005-10-04Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journal)
364doc372005-09-26Publication based on experimental data from the EXFOR database
363doc372005-09-26Proposition for a new field in the EXFOR format for trusted data
362doc392005-09-26Easier comparison between evaluation and experimental data
361doc382005-09-26An EXFOR Editor
360doc312005-06-28Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
359doc352005-06-07Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
358doc312005-05-25Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
357doc332005-05-05New code for Dictionary 7: Books & Conference
356doc312005-02-18Additions to Dictionary 5 (Reference)
355doc312005-02-07Additions to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
354doc292005-01-31Use of nuclide code SF7 (again) and addition to Dictionary 24
353revdoc312005-02-07Addition to Dictionary 31 (Branch Code) and Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantity)
352doc262004-08-20Addition to Dictionary 36 (Quantity)
351doc262004-08-20Addition to Dictionary 18 (Facility)
350doc1492004-08-20Angular distribution data
349doc252004-08-11Particle specification and long reaction strings.
348doc262004-08-10Angular distribution data Re: Memo CP-C/346
347doc412004-08-06Cross sections measured on thick targets. Updated LEXFOR entry on thick target yields
346doc912004-08-06Angular distribution data
345doc232004-07-02Additions to Dictionary 6 (reports).
344doc362004-05-04Quantities and units for thick/thin target yields (see also Memo CP-E/040)
343doc232004-05-03Scope of data compilation (See Memos CP-C/336, CP-D/385, CP-A/151, CP-E/043)
342doc232004-05-03New quantity for Dictionary 36
341doc232004-05-03Quantity and unit proposal requirements
340revdoc232004-04-02Dictionary 36 Updates
339rev2doc242004-03-22Dictionary 36 Updates (Revised)
338doc242004-02-23Dictionary 36 Updates
337doc232004-02-23Systematic uncertainty code.
336doc242004-02-05Scope of data compilation
335doc232004-01-21Dictionary 36 Updates
334doc322004-01-20Memo CP-C/334 (Thick and Thin Target Yields)
333doc322004-01-16Quasi-metastable states (CP-C/331, CP-D/378)
332doc262004-01-161) New Dictionary 36 code 2) Reply to memo CP-A/148
331doc312004-01-14Quasi-metastable states
330doc262004-01-08Additions to Dictionaries 3, 25, and 36
329doc262003-12-23Additional heading for data as a function of parameter S (kinematic locus); see Memo CP-C/325
328doc272003-12-17Re: Memo CP-D/374
327doc322003-10-08Order of SF1, SF2 in REACTION code
326doc332003-09-26Completeness check for Physical Review
325revdoc302003-08-28Data as a function of parameter S (kinematic locus)
324doc262003-04-30Use of branch codes 'DIS' and 'CON'
322doc252003-04-25Organic compound: update of Dictionary 27
321doc252003-04-19Comments to Memo CP-D/360 (Dictionary 36 additions)
320doc252003-04-11Updates to Dictionary 3, 7
319doc252003-04-19Dictionary updates
318doc252003-02-12Reply to Memos CP-D/358 and CP-D/359
317doc252003-02-12Fundamental particles
316doc252003-02-03Updated to Dictionary 36
315doc262003-01-31Reaction Field Particle considered (SF7)
314doc262003-01-31Fundamental particles
313doc262003-01-28Longitudinal Momentum
312doc242003-01-07Additions to Dictionary 36
310doc242002-12-09Isobaric analog states field heading
309doc282002-12-02CINDA Exchange Format Updates
308doc242002-07-24Dictionary 36 update
307doc242002-07-11New units code
306doc232002-05-09Zeros in error field
305doc222002-05-09New Legendre polynomial modifier
304doc252002-05-03Redundancies in EXFOR (Memo CP-C/259)
303doc212002-05-03Modification of Dictionary 8 and 27
302doc222002-05-02Particle Considered field
301doc252001-11-29Modification of Dictionary 8 and 27
300doc202001-11-29Dictionary additions
299doc202001-11-29Dictionary additions
298doc202001-11-27Total fusion cross section
297doc202001-11-27Dictionary updates
296doc202001-10-25Dictionary updates
295doc242001-06-284-momentum transfer (CP-C/289) and momentum distribution data (CP-C/290) consensus
294doc252001-06-07Unit updates consensus (re: Memos CP-C/284, CP-C/286)
293doc202001-09-07Dictionary updates
292doc202001-08-15Dictionary updates
291doc242001-07-24Differential neutron multiplicity
290doc272001-07-24Momentum distribution data (revised)
289doc482001-06-284-momentum transfer
288doc222001-06-28Dictionary additions
287doc222001-06-28Single particle dictionary proposal
286doc242001-06-07Unit updates (continuing)
285doc242001-06-14Page numbers for reference
284doc232001-06-07Unit updates
283doc212001-06-07Dictionary update
282doc222001-05-15Spin-spin data
281doc232001-05-09Isobaric Analog States continued
280doc202001-04-30Dictionary Updates
278doc232001-03-14Dictionary Updates
277doc202001-02-16Dictionary Updates
276doc202001-01-18Dictionary Updates
275doc232001-12-05Dictionary Updates
274doc232008-09-24Dictionary Updates
273doc312000-09-08Neutron-transmission spin-spin measurements
272rdoc682000-09-08Polarization Dictionary updates
272doc392000-09-14Polarization Dictionary updates
271rdoc2602000-09-08Polarization LEXFOR entry
271doc2592000-08-28Polarization LEXFOR entry
270doc202000-08-04Dictionary updates
269doc212000-06-14Reply to Memo CP-A/102
268doc222000-06-02Dictionary updates
267doc242000-06-02Data headings and units for wave length and kT
266doc252000-04-03CINDA 2001 Format
265doc212000-04-03Dictionary updates
264lexdoc44 Isobaric analog resonances
264doc222000-04-03Isobaric analog states
263doc202000-03-24Dictionary updates
262doc222000-03-24Proposed quantity SEQ,DA/DA/DE,P/P/P
261doc201999-12-29Dictionary updates
260doc241999-12-21EXFOR Manual
259doc291999-11-17Redundancies in EXFOR (and reference to Memo CP-A/98)
258doc201999-11-16Dictionary updates
257doc271999-10-071) Dictionary updates 2) Polarization.
255adoc211999-09-10Units for ? and ?2
255doc221999-09-10Units for < and (2
254doc241999-08-26Resonance strength
253doc221999-08-13Dictionary additions
252doc221999-06-28Dictionary additions
251doc221999-06-30Dictionary additions
250doc311999-06-03Dictionary additions
249doc211999-04-23Dictionary additions
248doc211999-02-12New EXFOR Series
247pdf571999-02-12Dictionary additions
247doc341999-02-12Dictionary additions
246doc361998-03-02Delayed neutron yields; neutron groups and units
245pdf781998-09-02CINDA2000 index, CINDA2000 Manual (Preliminary Version)
245doc471998-09-02CINDA2000 index, CINDA2000 Manual (Preliminary Version)
244pdf301998-10-19Dictionary updates
243pdf371998-09-02Dictionary updates
242pdf281998-06-18Dictionary updates
241pdf381998-03-10Units with dimensions B*E
240pdf331997-12-30New Element Names
239pdf511997-12-29Dates for the year 2000 in EXFOR and DANIEL
237pdf381997-07-03Dictionary updates
236pdf341997-06-20New code field in Dictionary 27
235pdf381997-06-20Dictionary updates
234pdf1801997-05-08New "CINDA2000" index
233pdf391997-05-07Thick-target yields (Memo Cp-C/224 and private communicccation, F. Chukreev)
232pdf421997-05-07Memo CP-C/226 and CP-A/79: Angular distribution given in termsss of momentum transfer
231pdf271997-05-06Dictionary update
230pdf3021997-05-06Update to Memo CP-C/228 on Polarization: Dictionary additionnns, LEXFOR writeup
229pdf451997-04-24Charged-particle data compilation responsibility Re: CP-C/22777, CP-A/79
228pdf2461997-04-22Polarization: Dictionary additions, LEXFOR writeup
227pdf591997-04-09Charged-particle data compilation responsibility
226pdf351997-03-31Angular distribution given in terms of momentum transferrr
225pdf411997-02-12Incident source code Dictionary 19
224pdf681997-01-28Thick Target Yields
223pdf351996-11-15Dictionary additions
221pdf351996-07-12Dictionary updates
220pdf281996-07-09Dictionary addition
219pdf971996-06-07Astrophysical s-factor
218pdf371996-05-28Dictionary additions
216pdf271996-05-16Dictionary additions
215pdf301996-04-16Dictionary additions
214pdf371996-03-11Dictionary additions
213pdf351996-03-06Dates for the year 2000
212pdf361995-12-281) New BNL phone exchange 2) Dictionary 5 addition
211pdf681995-09-28particle designator codes in Dictionary 36
210pdf291995-09-27Expansion of permitted character set
209pdf491995-02-16Fission product yields for more than one product
208pdf841995-02-16Dictionary Additions
207pdf271994-01-20Dictionary Additions
206pdf271993-11-30Dictionary Addition
205pdf391993-02-24Dictionary Additions
204pdf331992-11-24Dictionary Addition
203pdf3091991-09-26NNDC Dictionary System
202pdf941991-08-261) Nearly Monisotopic Elements 2) Excitation energy of compounddd nucleus 3) Comments on TRANS A024
201pdf891991-06-21Particle Designator Codes in Dict. 36
200pdf3881991-06-14Area M Photonuclear Data File Update
199pdf481991-06-14Dictionary Update
198pdf2431991-02-20Area M Photonuclear Data File Update
197pdf321991-01-04Dictionary Update
196pdf661990-06-01Comments on Transmissions A023, D015 and G006
195pdf551990-05-22Dictionary update
194pdf761990-03-26Dictionary update
193pdf591990-03-01Dictionary updates
192pdf641990-01-31Dictionary updates
190pdf551989-11-21Dictionary Additions
189pdf1241989-11-15Fission Product Yield Computation Format
188pdf781989-09-07Dictionary Additions
187pdf541989-05-12Dictionary Additions
186pdf471989-04-14TRANS 9058
185pdf771989-04-10Independent variable fields in EXFOR
184pdf491989-04-07Dictionary 16 (Status)
183pdf481989-04-06Redundant information in EXFOR
182pdf611989-04-04REACTION SF7 (Particle Considered)
181pdf781989-02-23TRANSS003, Area R
180pdf681989-01-30Dictionary additions and Modifications
179pdf1141989-01-23Dimension codes in Dictionary 25 and Dictionary 36
178pdf901989-01-23Thick target yields
177pdf521988-10-31Dictionary Additions and Corrections
176pdf351988-07-25Dictionary Additions and Corrections
174pdf491988-01-12Transmission R005
173pdf671987-12-10TRANS A018
172pdf461987-12-01Partial DA/DE
171pdf291987-11-18Dictionary Update
170pdf341987-11-04Family Flags for EMS and MOM-SEC
169pdf331987-10-27Update Dictionary 3
168pdf401987-05-28Spin-spin Cross Section
167pdf441987-02-17Dictionary Updates
166pdf381987-01-06Dictionary Update
165pdf1391986-10-30Multiplicity Factors (REACTION Subfield 3)
164pdf461986-07-29Sample Temperature Dependent Date
163pdf491986-07-08Dictionary Update
162pdf1471986-06-11Isomeric States
161pdf771986-05-08Thermal Neutron Scattering
160pdf471986-04-18Data Heading M
159pdf491986-04-08TRANS A014
158pdf411986-03-21Dictionary Update
157pdf471986-03-12Dictionary Update
156pdf401986-01-09Deletion of Entries and Subentries
155pdf271986-01-08Dictionary Update
154pdf311985-11-18Dictionary Update
153pdf601985-10-25Dictionary 27 (Nuclides)
152pdf1021985-10-18Family Flags
151pdf1371985-10-18Delayed-Neutron-Emission Spectra Diet.
150pdf1711985-09-04Decay Properties
149pdf1001985-09-04EMS-SEC, MOM-SEC
148pdf341985-08-14Dictionary Additions
147pdf291985-07-29Area B transmission
146pdf561985-07-29TRANS R002
145pdf481985-07-12TRANS A012
144pdf511985-07-02Gamma Spectra
143pdf421985-07-01Decay Properties
142pdf621985-06-27TRANS D001-D013
141pdf361985-06-27Permitted Ranges of Values for Numerical Data
140pdf321985-06-11Addition to Dictionary 5
139pdf501985-05-06Addition to Diet. 7,36, Correct. to 27
138pdf491985-03-29Dictionaries 36,27 and 24
137pdf471985-02-27.Addition to Dict. 3,7,36,27
136pdf391985-01-30Addition to Dictionary 6
135pdf241985-12-28Dictionary 27, 7
134pdf281985-12-03Dictionary 6, 25, 27
133pdf271984-10-26Dictionary 27
132pdf371984-10-23NNDC Photonuc1ear Transmissions
131pdf1001984-10-23Area A Transmissions
130pdf351984-09-28Addition to Dictionary 24
129pdf341984-08-31Dictionary 6,7
128pdf341984-08-22Repetition of Data Headings
127pdf431984-07-31Modifier 'A' (times nat. abundance)
126pdf471984-07-31Repetition of Data Headings EN-RES Repetition of Data Heading DECAY-FLAG
125pdf501984-07-27Obsolete dictionary codes
124pdf411984-07-27Diet. 6 (Reports), Diet. 3 (Institute
123pdf661984-07-25Bibliography of Integ. Charged PND
122pdf301984-05-31Additions to Dictionary 27
121pdf371984-04-30Add to Dictionary 24,27, mod. 27
120pdf421984-03-26Dictionary 6, 7
118pdf581984-03-21Delayed Neutron Emission Probabilities
116pdf601984-03-19Fitting Coefficients
115pdf411984-02-27Additions to Dictionaries 7,19,17,36
114pdf341984-01-30Dictionary 24
113pdf771984-01-24Multiple Monitors
112pdf361984-01-24Multiple Reaction Formalism
111pdf421984-01-04Data Heading Definitions in BIB
110pdf511984-01-04Dictionary 36
109pdf481983-12-30Dictionary Additions and Changes
108pdf391983-12-28Dictionary 24 (Family Flag)
107pdf491983-12-28Dictionary TRAN5-9046
105pdf521983-09-07Dictionary Additions and Changes
104pdf431983-07-21Corrections to EXFOR Dictionaries
103pdf341983-07-01Dictionary Addition and Changes
102pdf3151983-05-23LEXFOR entry Errors
101pdf391983-05-12Dictionary Additions a. Changes
100pdf491983-04-25Dictionary Additions
099pdf571983-03-25Center Personnel
098pdf541983-01-05Dictionary 27 (CIEDA flags)
097pdf381982-12-14Dictionary Additions
096pdf421982-11-30Information-Identifier Keyword INC-SOURCE
095pdf411982-10-28Additions to Dictionaries
094pdf361982-07-02Dictionary Additions
092pdf381982-03-26Repetition of the data heading MASS
091pdf841982-03-26Energy Resolution
090pdf301982-01-18Dictionary Additions
089pdf451982-01-04Dictionary Corrections and Additions
088pdf381981-04-23TRANS D006
087pdf501981-04-23Integral Cross-Sections
086pdf361981-03-13Definition Extension of EN-MEAN (Dict.24)
085pdf441981-03-04Dictionary corrections and additions
083pdf531981-02-18Spin-spin Interaction - Total cross section
082pdf471981-02-03Monitor Coding
081pdf3151981-02-03Error Specifications
080pdf511980-10-31Dictionary Additions and Corrections
079pdf3811980-10-20Transmission of Charged Particle Bibliography Tapes
078pdf3201980-09-19LEXFOR entry: Fission-Neutron Spectra Data LEXFOR entry: IIIsomeric States LEXFOR entry: Standards
076pdf1741980-08-19Fitting Coefficients Ref. CP-C/75
074pdf431980-06-02Dictionary Additions and Corrections
073pdf431980-03-19Action Item 23 of the 4th Consultants' Meeting of NRDC
072pdf701980-02-29Data required for evaluating the 13C(p,n)13N Reaction
071pdf401980-02-26Dictionary Additions and Corrections
070pdf811980-01-24Data required for evaluating the 12C(p,x)11C reaction
069pdf611980-01-08Dictionary Additions and Corrections
068pdf621979-12-20NRDC Meeting EXFOR Conclusions
067pdf2841979-08-31Reference codes
066pdf1161979-08-31Excited States, Fission Isomers (New Proposal)
065pdf281979-08-311. Angular Momentum 2. Data type
064pdf841979-08-301. Energies of gamma lines 2. Reaction rate
063pdf691979-08-30New fitting-coefficient modifier codes
062pdf1531979-08-28Dictionary 2
061pdf1341979-08-22New quantity codes
060pdf3161979-08-22Memos CP-C/54, CP-D/83 Protocol Updates
059pdf961979-08-08Request for retransmission ..... , Errors note in TRANS 000002, Overlap in Activities of CAJaD, NDS, and NNDC
058pdf431979-08-08Dictionary Additions
057pdf301979-07-05Dictionary Corrections
056pdf411979-05-22Dictionary Additions
055pdf3641979-04-25U.S. CPND Compilation and Evaluation Activ.
054pdf1381979-04-19Protocol Updates
053pdf911979-03-02Dictionary Additions
052pdf3001978-12-18Dictionary Reformating
051pdf951978-12-14Dictionary Additions and Corrections
050pdf1111978-11-14Proposed LEXFOR entries on Target Nucleus
049pdf791978-10-30Correction to CP/C-48
048pdf851978-10-23Dictionary reformating
047pdf391978-10-23Nucleons, Code 'UND'. Differential Thick Target Yields
046pdf4501978-10-23Manual Update for REACTION, Variable Product Nucleus, Variableee Number of Emitted
045pdf991978-09-22New Process Codes XN and XP (Proposed at 3rd NRDC Meeting,,, Paris).
044pdf711978-09-21R-Matrix Parameters
043pdf721978-07-28Dictionary Additions and Corrections
042pdf581978-07-17Memo CP-B/25
041pdf481978-06-30Photoneutron Data Transmission
040pdf3491978-06-30proposed Manual updates
039pdf521978-05-18Dictionary Additions
038pdf1811978-05-18Revision to Protocol, Section H
037pdf541978-05-17A) EXFOR Manuals B) Major EXFOR Proposals unresolved
036pdf421978-05-17Dictionary modifications
035pdf821978-05-12Suggested Additional Topics for 3rd NRDC Meeting
034pdf581978-05-08Dictionary Additions and Corrections
033pdf1311978-03-18Dictionary Additions and Corrections
032pdf1061978-02-10Proposed LEXFOR entry on Data type
031pdf1131978-01-27Proposed nuclides dictionary 27
030pdf601978-01-26Reaction Products (REACTION SF4)
029pdf461978-01-10Dictionary Additions
028pdf801978-01-06Multiple Monitors
027pdf661978-01-03Dictionary Additions
026pdf791977-12-28Coding of SUFERHEAVY ELEMENTS
025pdf691977-11-08Dictionary Additions and Corrections
022pdf621977-09-15McGowan-Milner Data Files
021pdf1721977-09-09I.Derived Resonance Integrals;Dictionary 35 II.Fissiiion,Spallation,Proposed LEXFOR entry on Reaction Mechanisms
020pdf5931977-08-16Dictionary reformating
019pdf481977-08-15Dictionary Addition and Corrections
018pdf21361977-08-15I. Proposed EXFOR Manual, Section VIII II. Proposed LEXFOR rrrevisions Products, Ratios, Sums, Tautologies
017pdf851977-08-10Dictionary Additions and Corrections
016pdf691977-08-03Manual Updates
015pdf8111977-07-12I. Decay Data,Reaction, Products, Product Yield II. Fission III. Spallation IV. Particle Dictionaries V. Report coding VI. MONIT-REEEF
014pdf10231977-07-07Proposed Manual Update
013pdf661977-06-01Dictionary Additions and Corrections
012pdf1861977-05-23Cumulative Charged-Particle Reaction List (1948-1916)
011pdf711977-03-17Isomeric Cross Section?Ratios and Sums (re Memo CP-D/22)))
010pdf521977-02-04TRANS Tape B002
009pdf811977-02-03Proposed EXFOR Dictionary Updates
007pdf3131977-01-20Proposed Format for the Integral?Charged Particle Nuclear Data Bibliography
006pdf1731976-12-14Dictionary Additions for charged?particle reactions
003pdf1101916-01-26Draft Minutes of 12th 4C-Meeting?and 2nd CPND Meeting
002pdf165 First Charged Particle Exchange Tape from KACHAPAG
001pdf40 CPND Dictionaries