NRDC 2022

IAEA Headquarters (Room M0E 10), Vienna, Austria (EVT2103056)
(14-17 June 2022)
Scientific Secretary: N.Otsuka


INDC(NDS)-0857 (Editor: N.Otuka, S.Takacs)


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Progress Reports

NumberCentreTypeSize (kb)
P2022-01NDS (Vienna, Austria)pdf289
P2022-02CDFE (Moscow, Russia)pdf167
P2022-03JCPRG (Sapporo, Japan)pdf139
P2022-04CJD (Obninsk, Russia)pdf90
P2022-05UkrNDC (Kyiv, Ukraine)pdf131
P2022-06CNPD (Sarov, Russia)pdf108
P2022-07KNDC (Taejon, Korea)pdf446
P2022-08ATOMKI (Debrecen, Hungary)pdf201
P2022-09CNDC (Beijing, China)pdf1161
P2022-10NDPCI (Mumbai, India)pdf695
NNDC (Brookhaven, USA)--
NEADB (Paris, France)--
JAEA (Tokai-mura, Japan)--

Working Papers

NumberTitleFromTypeSize (kb)
WP2022-01Conclusions and action of the 2021 NRDC Meeting pdf164
WP2022-02Transmission statistics since the last NRDC meetingN.Otsuka pdf122
WP2022-03Status of new article compilation (A1)N.Otsuka pdf84
WP2022-04Time interval between submission of preliminary and final tapesN.Otsuka pdf92
WP2022-05New publications scanned by NDS and other centresV.Devi pdf87
WP2022-06Progress in correction of items on Feedback List (A2)N.Otsuka pdf83
WP2022-07Updated Formats Manual (A5, CP-D/1044, 4C-4/0232)N.Otsuka pdf204
WP2022-08Updated LEXFOR (A6, CP-D/1045, 4C-4/0232)N.Otsuka pdf253
WP2022-09Conclusion 43 of NRDC 2021 meeting (CP-D/1036)N.Otsuka pdf111
WP2022-10Data headings ANG-AZ and ANG-AZ-RL (CP-D/1019)N.Otsuka pdf144
WP2022-11Method codes ASEP, MASSP and OLMS (CP-D/1020)N.Otsuka pdf119
WP2022-12Multiplicity (CP-D/1046)N.Otsuka pdf161
WP2022-13Multiple reaction formalism (CP-D/1048)N.Otsuka pdf143
WP2022-14Supracumulative cross section (CP-D/1042)N.Otsuka pdf128
WP2022-15Coding of EPJ/A supplemental issues (CP-D/1039)N.Otsuka pdf129
WP2022-16Cross section integral (CP-D/1037)N.Otsuka pdf183
WP2022-17Role of family flags (family codes) in ZCHEX programV.Zerkin pdf282
WP2022-18Status of CINDA database (A14)V.Zerkin pdf202
WP2022-19Compilation of article with priority (A16, A21-A24)N.Otsuka pdf82
WP2022-20Compilation of articles from completeness checking (A17-A20, A27-A29)N.Otsuka pdf78
WP2022-21Progress in compilation of fission product yields (A25-A26)N.Otsuka pdf79
WP2022-22Individual data requestsN.Otsuka pdf109
WP2022-23Pending corrections (A34-A36, A44-A47, A49-A53)N.Otsuka pdf80
WP2022-24Suspicious use of REACTION SF3=X for production cross sections (CP-D/1017)N.Otsuka pdf195
WP2022-25Use of branch codes M+ and (M) without isomeric flag in REACTION SF4 (CP-D/1023)N.Otsuka pdf146
WP2022-26Erroneous E-LVL values (CP-D/1043)R.Shimizu pdf132
WP2022-27Questionable replacement of status code with TABLE (CP-D/1041)N.Otsuka pdf322
WP2022-28Multiple appearance of heading DATA (CP-D/1027)N.Otsuka pdf82
WP2022-29Neutron quasi-elastic scattering data coded with SF3=EL (4C-3/0420 Rev.)N.Otsuka pdf546
WP2022-30(Superseded by WP2022-30(Rev.)) pdf180
WP2022-30(Rev.)Use of NUMBER-CM and compilation of 0th order Legendre coefficients (CP-D/1021)N.Otsuka pdf186
WP2022-31Combination of branch code M+ or (M) with parameter code FY (CP-D/1024)N.Otsuka pdf180
WP2022-32Usage of heading MONIT-ERR (CP-D/1026)N.Otsuka pdf259
WP2022-33Alternative results (CP-D/1031)S.Dunaeva pdf193
WP2022-34Threshold calculator and its application to REACTION SF3 checking (CP-D/1047)N.Otsuka pdf210
WP2022-35Eta-value plotting (4C-3/0419)N.Otsuka pdf384
WP2022-36Compilation of experimental nuclear reaction data measured in Central Asia regionT.Zholdybayev pdf123


TitleFromTypeSize (kb)
IAEA Nuclear Data SectionA.Koning pdf2469
JCPRG progress reportS.H.Shin pdf211
Progress reportM.Mikhailiukova pdf556
Center of Nuclear Physics DataS.Taova pdf1313
Korea Nuclear Data Center progress report for 2021-2022D.H.Kim, S.C.Yang pdf3297
Progress Report for NRDC Meeting 2022 ATOMKIS.Takacs pdf135
2021/22 status report of China Nuclear Data CenterJ.M.Wang pdf1653
BARC progress reportD.Raj pdf870
NEA Data Bank Progress Report 2021-2022D.Foligno pdf5300
The present status of the EXFOR project: Area #1B.Pritychenko pdf2568
Erroneous E-LVL values (CP-D/1043)R.Shimizu pdf5709
Cumulative cross sectionsS.Takacs pdf299
Analysis of EXFOR outliersV.Devi pdf3722
Neutron quasi-elastic scattering dataN.Otsuka pdf292
NSR tutorialB.Pritychenko pdf5455
Recent development of GSYSR.Suzuki pdf754
Progress in EXFOR-ENDF databases, retrieval systems, tools and softwareV.Zerkin pdf1055
X4Pro - fully relational EXFOR databaseV.Zerkin pdf3022
Compilation of experimental nuclear reaction data measured in Central Asia regionT.Zholdybayev pdf5034