Memo CP-D

IAEA Nuclear Data Section (IAEA-NDS)

disc:for discussion; m:to be in manual; M:added into manual; l:to be in error list; L:added into error list; a:to be in article list; A:added into article list; wd: withdrawn

999docx982020-09-11Activation cross sections coded with REACTION SF3=*N+*P or D - L
998docx472020-07-20Dictionary transmission 9122 9122-
997docx352020-06-19Dictionary 18 (Facilities) - MESON 9122-
996docx2752020-06-16Fission product yield measured by Coulomb excitation of heavy-ion beam 9122L
995docx13012020-06-03Coding of carbon-12 break up by neutron (Antolkovic's experiments) - Lm
994docx482020-04-16Differential cross sections in preprints from Almaty (NRDC2019 A35) - -
993docx652020-04-09Combination of process and other codes in REACTION SF3 - m
992docx352020-03-18Dictionaries 24 (Headings) and 236 (Quantities) 9122-
991docx412020-03-04 Partial elastic scattering? (REACTION SF3=EL and SF5=*PAR*) 9122L
990docx3072020-01-24Review of REACTION codes for thick target radioisotope yields disc-
989docx1952020-01-16Usage of particle code EC (electron capture) L
988docx5502019-12-21Dictionary transmission 9121 and Season's Greetings 9121-
987docx342019-12-17Dictionaries 236 (Quantities): ,FY/DA/DE -
986docx392019-12-10Shielded product coded with CUM or (CUM) - L
985docx382019-12-06Dictionaries 45, 113 and 213 (CINDA and Web quantities, Reaction types) 9121-
984docx802019-10-12Data set with several variable nuclei 9121ml
983docx492019-10-01EXFOR compilation statistics since last NRDC meeting - -
982docx322019-08-23Presence of keyword ANALYSIS when REACTION SF9=DERIV 9120m
981docx352019-06-29Fission product articles on Article Allocation List - -
980docx482019-06-18Dictionary transmission 9120 9120-
979docx246042019-06-11Experimental fission product yields missing in EXFOR - A
978docx612019-04-26NRDC2019 - Conclusions and Actions 9120-
977revdocx482019-03-25Simplification of coding rule for independent data (SF5=IND, M-) 9120m
977docx482019-03-25(Superseded by Memo CP-D/977(Rev.)) - -
976docx362019-03-19LEXFOR "Institute" - m
975atxt282019-03-19Supplement to Memo CP-D/975 - -
975docx1452019-03-19New web quantity - ?
974docx352019-03-15Fission yield ratios (isomeric ratio and fractional yield) 9120m
973docx422019-03-14Status code NCHKD - m
972docx402019-01-15Retroactive scanning of regularly scanned journals - -
971docx592019-01-15Completeness checking for articles published in JET (Vols. 1 to 127) - A
970revdocx422019-04-23REACTION codes with SF6=POL and SF8=ASY - mL
970docx422019-01-15(Superseded by Memo CP-D/970 Rev.)) - -
969docx442019-01-10Ternary/binary and binary/ternary ratio with charged particle specified 9120L
968docx612018-12-28Conference proceedings published in report series - mL
967docx712018-12-18Dictionary transmission 9119 and Season's Greetings 9119-
966docx462018-11-09EXFOR compilation statistics since last NRDC meeting - -
965revdocx422018-09-10New keyword - SUPPL-INF (Supplemental information) - m
965docx412018-09-10(Superseded by Memo CP-D/965(Rev.)) - -
964docx672018-08-26LEXFOR "Sums" and EXFOR Formats "Sample" - m
963docx552018-06-28Dictionary transmission 9118 9118-
962docx582018-05-28Dictionary 25 (Units): DPS/MUA 9118-
961docx592018-05-21Dictionary 236 (Quantities): CUM,TTY,,(PHY); IND,TTY,,SAT 9118-
960docx652018-05-16Illegal REACTION SF2=SF3 - m
959docx822018-05-10NRDC2018 - Conclusions and Actions 9118-
958docx1372018-04-26Coding of fragment separator (FRS, PRJFS) 9118-
957docx392018-04-09English translation of KSF, ZTF and FCY and other journals from USSR - L
956docx412018-04-09LEXFOR "Thermonuclear reaction rate" 9118Lm
955docx472018-04-06Journal coverage (scanning of new publications) - m
954docx672018-03-28REACTION sum - L
953revdocx372018-03-28Revision of Formats Manual and LEXFOR (NRDC 2017 A9, A10) - m
953docx372018-03-28(Superseded by Memo CP-D/953(Rev.)) - -
952docx442018-03-23Completeness checking for articles published in JEL (Vols. 1 to 82) - L
951docx342018-03-21Dictionary 25 (Units): GBQ/MUAHR 9118-
950docx352018-03-15Dictionary 236 (Quantities): M-,TTY,,EOB and IND/M+,TTY,,EOB 9118-
949docx372018-02-13EXFOR compilation statistics since last NRDC meeting - -
948docx392018-01-26Cross section per equivalent quantum - -
947docx752018-01-16Alpha-induced reaction articles in NSR/CINDA but not in EXFOR - L
946docx342018-01-05Dictionary 16 (Status): SPSDD 9118-
945docx372017-12-29Dictionary transmission 9117 and Season's Greetings 9117-
944docx362017-12-11English translation of UFZ Vol.12, 13, 16 and 17 - L
943docx352017-11-27Dictionary 236 (Quantities): M+,TTY,,(PHY); ,MLT,G,TT 9117-
942docx382017-11-24EXFOR Formats Manual "BIB section" - m
941docx372017-11-02EXFOR compilation statistics since last NRDC meeting - -
940docx352017-10-02Dictionary 23 (Analysis): WSP 9117-
939revdocx372017-09-06Dictionary 3 (Institutes): 2GERTHS/IFS and 2PRTLIS/FNL/LFE 9117-
939docx362017-09-05(Superseded by Memo CP-D/939(Rev.)) - -
938docx372017-08-10EXFOR compilation statistics since last NRDC meeting - -
937docx462017-08-03Proton-induced reaction articles in NSR/CINDA but not in EXFOR - A
936docx412017-06-23Dictionary 25: KBQ/MUA; Dictionary 236: (M),TTY,,EOB 9117-
935docx352017-06-22Dictionary transmission 9116 9116-
934docx642017-05-31NRDC2017 - Conclusions and Actions - -
933revdocx2292017-09-18Review of REACTION codes for thick target radioisotope yields - l
933docx1482017-05-18(Superseded by Memo CP-D/933(Rev.)) - -
932docx1952017-05-16Headings for incident projectile energy resolution (EN-RSL etc.) 9116L
931docx292017-05-09Dictionary 23 (Analyses) - RFN 9116m
930docx362017-04-28Dictionary transmission 9115 9115-
929docx262017-04-23Mass yield (MAS,FY and SEC,FY) 9116L
928docx242017-04-13Indication of quantities at other than the room temperature (TMP) 9116Lm
927docx932017-03-28Disappeared HISTORY records - -
926docx4522017-03-24Outliers in JANIS Books for gamma and charged particle cross sections - L
925doc662017-03-01EXFOR compilation statistics - -
924doc762017-02-24Recommended resonance integrals in EXFOR V1001 and V1002 - -
923doc502017-02-22Dictionary 236 (Quantities): CUM,TTY,,SAT and (M),TTY,,SAT 9115-
922doc572017-02-14Pelletron - VDG or VDGT? 9116-
921doc522017-02-08Dictionary 236 (Quantities): PRV,FY 9115-
920doc622017-02-02Update of EXFOR Formats Manual "REFERENCE" - m
919doc442017-01-24Dictionary 5 (Journals): ACSOM 9115-
918doc672017-01-20Dictionary 8 (Elements): 113-NH, 115-MC, 117-TS and 118-OG 9115L
917doc652017-01-18Update of EXFOR/CINDA Dictionary Manual (Dict.227) - m
916doc442016-12-09Dictionary 24 (Headings): +ERR-1 and -ERR-1 9115-
915doc452016-12-01Update of EXFOR Formats Manual "STATUS" - m
914doc1192016-11-30Dictionary transmission 9114 9114-
913doc532016-08-30Dictionary 6 (Reports) and Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9114-
912doc462016-08-12Coding rules for reports (IAEA report, distribution code) - m
911doc492016-07-22Dictionary 236 (Quantities): PAR,DA/DA/DE,*/*/*+* 9114-
910doc692016-07-15Completeness checking for articles published in PRM and IPA - L
909doc502016-06-30Dictionary 236 (Quantities): M+,TTY,,EOB and CUM,SIG,,RAB 9114-
908doc1782016-06-14NRDC2016 - Conclusions and Actions 9114m
907doc1652016-06-01Missing EXFOR entries (NRDC2015 A22 and A46) - -
906doc452016-05-25Dictionary 24 (Headings): VEL wd -
905doc492016-05-20DAM and RAB as general quantity modifiers wd m
904doc582016-05-20Indication of "outliers" by coded information - -
903doc912016-05-20Dictionary transmission 9113 9113-
902doc502016-05-04Dictionary 236 (Quantities): M-,TTY,,PHY and (M),TTY,,PHY 9114L
901doc622016-04-15Erroneous incident energy unit for capture reactions - L
900doc502016-04-08Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PRE/TER,AP,F 9113-
899doc562016-03-29EXFOR Formats Manual "Facility" - m
898doc442016-03-23Dictionary 5 (Journals): BGNST and RCA/S 9113-
897doc502016-03-21Dictionary 236 (Quantities): (CUM),TTY,,PHY 9113-
896doc732016-03-16Two additions to LEXFOR "Isomeric flag" - Lm
895doc482016-03-11Definition of R-value in LEXFOR - m
894revdoc552016-03-15Non-informative descriptions under ERR-ANALYS - m
894doc542016-03-10(Superseded by Memo CP-D/894(Rev.)) - -
893revdoc612019-08-14Incident Energy differential physical thick target yield (SF8=TM) 9114m
893doc512016-02-23(Superseded by Memo CP-D/893(Rev.)) - -
892doc632016-02-09Dictionary 5 (Journals): UJP 9113L
891doc3172016-02-07Cumulative cross sections defined by CNEA (Buenos Aires) 9113L
890doc492016-02-04Dictionary 236 (Quantities): M+,TTY,,SAT 9113-
889doc1562015-12-21Dictionary transmission 9112 9112-
888doc19552015-11-19Checking of Half-Lives under DECAY-DATA and DECAY-MON - L
887doc482015-11-18Dictionary 24 (Headings): WVE-LN-SEC 9112-
886doc502015-11-09Dictionary 236 (Quantities): ICL,IPA/DE,*/* and ICL,DA/DE,*/* 9112-
885doc432015-11-06Dictionary 3 (Institutes) 2ZZZESR and 3KORDRM; Dictionary 7 (Conferences) 99OSAKA 9112-
884doc502015-08-14Dictionary 25 (Data Units) - PRT/RCT/SR; Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - TER,AP,*F and TER,ZP,*F 9112-
883doc472015-08-03EXFOR E2298 and SINBAD NEA-1552/14 (NRDC2015 A64) - -
882doc472015-07-23Field identifier of LEVEL-PROP - m
881doc3712015-06-17Nuclear Spectroscopy and Structure Conference Proceedings - A
880revdoc782015-06-04REACTION SF2=0 and nuclear quantities (NQ) - m
880doc442015-06-04(Superseded by CP-D/880 (Rev.)) - -
879doc442015-06-01Dictionary 3 (Institutes) - 3IRNNRT, 3IRNTEH; Dictionary 5 (Journals) - JET, JLNZ 9112-
878doc782015-05-22Time-of-flight spectra coded without THICKNESS 9112L
877doc3812015-05-13Dictionary transmission 9111 9111L
876doc432015-05-08Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - KT-K-ERR 9112-
875doc1842015-05-05NRDC2015 - Meeting summary, Conclusions and Actions - -
874doc522015-04-27EXFOR Formats "DECAY-DATA" and "RAD-DET" - m
873doc532015-04-16Dictionary 213 (Reaction type) - TOF 9111-
872doc872015-04-09Isomeric flag -G for DECAY-DATA - -
871doc1412015-03-13EXFOR completeness for prompt fission neutron multiplicities - A
870doc312015-03-12Transliteration of Cyrillic names - M
869doc492015-03-12LEXFOR "Corrections", "Data type" and "Status" 9114M
868doc422015-02-19Coding rule for PTE (Pribory i Tekhnika Eksperimenta) wd L
867doc552015-02-18Compilation of fission neutron multiplicity distribution - A
866doc432015-02-12LEXFOR "Data Type" (Data derived with extrapolation) - M
865doc462015-02-02LEXFOR "Institute" - M
864doc562015-01-15Questionnaire - Usages of compilation tools - -
863doc492015-01-14Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,KE,,TT 9111-
862doc2222014-12-19Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - TKE-MAX and TKE-MIN 9111-
861doc1302014-12-15Dictionary transmission 9110 9110-
860doc732014-12-11Data tabulated in LIJAF-531 (1979) - L
859doc992014-12-03Update of NRDC distribution list - -
858doc722014-12-01EXFOR completeness checking (FCY/L) 9110LA
857doc882014-11-10FCY/L: Coding rule and English translation 9110L
856doc1032014-11-07Obsolete codes for fission neutron multiplicities 9110L
855doc482014-10-23Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - (M),RI 9110-
854doc962014-10-20Update of NRDC distribution list - -
853doc462014-09-19Fission neutrons - Use of SF5=PR and expansion of MFQ 9110M
852doc422014-08-27Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 2ITYPAD and 2ITYUPV 9110-
851doc412014-08-24Bibliographies of EXFOR 41257 and 41258 (DOK) 9110-
850doc832014-07-24LEXFOR "Thick- and thin-target yields" 9110M
849doc382014-07-24Dictionary 21 (Method codes) - RCHEM 9110-
848revdoc1432014-07-24Dictionary transmission 9109 9109-
848doc1412014-07-23(Superseded by Memo CP-D/848(Rev.)) - -
847doc2602014-07-08English translation of IZV - L
846doc342014-06-23Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - NESE 9109-
845doc342014-06-18Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 2UK YRK 9109-
844doc1812014-05-26NRDC2014 - Meeting summary, Conclusions and Actions - -
843doc962014-05-02Expansion of heading ERR-i; i=1,2,.. 9109-
842doc562014-04-30English translation of DOK - L
841revdoc882014-04-30Data sets coded with RNORM or RCALC under STATUS - L
841doc882014-04-29(Superseded by Memo CP-D/841(Rev.)) - -
840doc1012014-04-24Revised NRDC Protocol - M
839doc842014-04-23EXFOR completeness for neutron data from India - -
838doc662014-04-16EXFOR completeness for neutron dosimetry application - A
837doc1562014-04-09Delayed neutron energy spectrum from a specific precursor - MA
836doc502014-03-25LEXFOR entry "Digitization" - M
835doc402014-03-17HISTORY coding for data subentry correction - -
834doc1042014-03-11Dictionary transmission 9108 9108-
833doc1082014-02-27EXFOR completeness checking against NACREII article - A
832revdoc792014-02-28EXFOR completeness checking against IBANDL - A
832doc792014-02-27(Superseded by Memo CP-D/832(Rev.) - -
831doc382014-02-25Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3CUBHAB, 3CUBPLY 9108-
830doc342014-02-25Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 4UZ NUU 9108-
829doc652014-02-14Reaction products never coded with SF5=IND - M
828doc362014-02-10Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - EN-CM 9108-
827doc422014-01-29Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3ALGCDT, 3ALGUAG, 3ALGRNB 9108-
826doc332014-01-24Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3OMNOMN 9108-
825doc342014-01-22Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 76PARIS, 2012KYIV 9108-
824doc512014-01-20Compilation of data from former USSR countries - M
823doc552013-12-11Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3HUNII, 3HUNKFI, 3HUNWRC 9108-
822doc342013-11-26Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - IZU 9108-
821doc1642013-11-14Dictionary transmission 9107 9107-
820doc992013-11-14Undefined quantity codes in EXFOR Master File - L
819revdoc1322014-03-10Usage of modifiers S2T and SN2 9108LM
819doc1312013-11-14(Superseded by Memo CP-D/819(Rev.)) - -
818doc402013-11-13Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,KE,*; TER,KE,*; TER,KEP,* 9108-
817doc392013-11-11Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,MLT/DA,,TT/CH 9108-
816doc352013-11-07NDS open area and naming convention - M
815doc442013-11-07Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,DA,FF,S2T/RSD 9108-
814doc332013-11-05Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2012DUBNA 9107-
813rev2doc1242014-03-04Excitation energy for inclusive reaction (SF3=X) 9109LM
813revdoc1232013-11-05(Superseded by Memo CP-D/813(Rev.2)) - -
813doc1212013-11-05(Superseded by Memo CP-D/813(Rev.)) - -
812doc322013-10-17Measured and adopted resonance energies in one data set - M
811doc452013-10-03Data differential for excitation energy of reaction product - M
810doc342013-10-03LEXFOR "Thermonuclear reaction rate" - M
809doc812013-10-03English translation of ZET and ZEP - L
808doc362013-09-27Revision of LEXFOR "Sample" - M
807doc452013-09-27Revision of LEXFOR "Fission Yields" and related dictionary additions 9107M
806doc392013-09-20Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,DA,,LEG/RTH 9107-
805doc18612013-09-19Duplication in proton activation cross sections measured by Michel's group - L
804doc782013-09-13Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 85SANTA 9107L
803doc332013-09-03Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3VENUSB 9107L
802doc1222013-09-03Corrections of EXFOR entries for Bremsstrahlung photons 9107LM
801doc372013-07-29Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PR/PAR,KE 9107-
800revdoc1602013-07-27Dictionary transmission 9106 9106-
800doc1582013-07-27(Superseded by Memo CP-D/800(Rev.)) - -
799doc592013-07-11EXFOR completeness checking for Korean journals - -
798revdoc592013-08-23Revision of LEXFOR "Neutron Yield" - LM
798doc582013-06-28(Superseded by Memo CP-D/798(Rev.)) - -
797doc7752013-06-28Semi-automatic duplication detection for isotope production data from JINR - L
796doc352013-06-27Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PAR,DA,,LEG/1K2 9106L
795doc1112013-06-12Radioactive target of monoisotopic elements in REACTION - L
794doc342013-06-11Compilation of data published in conference proceedings - -
793doc732013-06-07Monitor reactions and medical isotope production reactions - -
792doc382013-05-30Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3VN NNR and 3VN STH 9106L
791doc792013-05-29Coding of papers presented in ND2013 - L
790doc492013-05-28Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - Quantity codes with CH in SF8 9106-
789doc372013-05-15Energy resolution given in units of a reciprocal velocity - M
788doc312013-05-14Dictionary 7 (Conference Codes) - 82WASH, 82GAITHERS 9106-
787doc292013-05-13Dictionary 207 (Book Codes) - MOLNAR 9106-
786doc1692013-05-07NRDC2013 - Conclusions and Actions - -
785doc622013-04-19Thick target production yield in charged-particle induced reaction 9106M
784doc702013-04-19Irradiation time for production thick target yield 9106M
783rev2doc522014-12-01Branch codes IND, CUM, M+ and M- 9106M
783revdoc452013-04-18(Superseded by Memo CP-D/783(Rev.2)) - -
783doc672013-04-18(Superseded by Memo CP-D/783(Rev.)) - -
782doc702013-04-15Dictionary transmission 9105 9105-
781revdoc2682013-04-15Partial reaction and isomer production - LM
781doc802013-04-11(Superseded by Memo CP-D/781(Rev.)) - -
780doc832013-03-29EXFOR completeness: Oxygen-16 compound resonance analysis - L
779doc302013-03-11Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - PPN 9105L
778doc362013-02-07Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PAR,FY/DA,*+*F 9105-
777doc2722013-02-07Comments on reference codes for Yad. Konst. - L
776doc292013-01-31Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - KT-DUMMY 9105-
775doc2432013-01-30Dictionary transmission 9104 9104M
774doc372013-01-25Resonance parameter for light-nuclei reaction (REACTION SF3) - LM
773revdoc322013-01-11Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,TRN,,RYL -> ,RYL 9105M
773doc302013-01-10(Superseded by Memo CP-D/773(Rev.)) - -
772doc2862012-12-14Data measured with slowing-down spectrometers (Modifier SDT) 9104M
771doc402012-12-10Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 2AUSIRK, 2AUSPVI, 2AUSVIE 9104L
770doc522012-12-10Quantity codes defined with modifier S0 9104M
769doc392012-12-03Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3KORKGM 9104-
768revdoc1912012-10-27Americium-242 (95-AM-242) isomers - L
768doc1552012-10-27(Superseded by Memo CP-D/768(Rev.)) - -
767doc482012-10-27Prompt fission cross section (PR,SIG) 9106-
766doc412012-10-24Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - UUSH/P wd -
765doc402012-10-18Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3POLIPJ 9104-
764doc372012-10-03Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 93CALICUT, 2009VARENN 9104-
763doc452012-10-01Heading for averaged resonance parameter energy range - M
762doc632012-09-19Unresolved duplication -
761apdf1202012-09-18Suppelment to Memo CP-D/761 - -
761doc322012-09-18Benchmarking of the Digitization Software - -
760doc562012-09-04DIctionary 207 (Book codes) - NRLMEN 9104L
759doc1562012-08-22Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - JLCR/S 9104L
758revdoc1622012-08-03Completeness checking (Frascati deuteron data compilation) - A
758doc4802012-08-03(Superseded by Memo CP-D/758(Rev.)) - -
757doc4852012-08-03Comparison between Landolt-Boernstein and EXFOR (Phase II) - L
756doc422012-07-18Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) 9104-
755doc442012-07-06Detector code SPEC (Large spectrometer system) 9104M
754doc442012-07-05Dictionary 8 (Element) - FL (Flerovium) and LV (Livermorium) 9104L
753doc552012-07-03Astrophysical Journal Letters (AJ/L) 9104L
752doc1622012-06-25EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries since the last NRDC meeting - -
751doc482012-06-21Duplication held by one centre - L
750doc642012-06-20English translation of Soviet journals 9104L
749doc752012-06-13English translation of JETP Letters - L
748doc952012-06-11CRL (correlation) and COR (angular correlation) 9106L
747doc972012-06-11Dictionary 16 (Status codes) - SGMBS 9104-
746doc422012-06-06Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,NU/DA/DE,LF+HF/N 9104-
745doc362012-05-16Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2010STPETR 9104-
744doc462012-05-15Dictionary236 (Quantities): ,CUM,TTY,,TM; ,FY,G 9104-
743doc1912012-05-03Revision to EXFOR Formats Manual (SAMPLE) - LM
742doc482012-05-02Floating point numbers - M
741doc1902012-04-30NRDC2012 - Meeting summary, Conclusions and Actions - -
740doc722012-04-13Comparison between EXFOR and Karlsruhe MACS compilation - -
739doc772012-04-13Review of gamma spectra compiled in EXFOR - M
738doc622012-04-13ERROR-ANALYS: Correlation coefficient field - M
737doc722012-04-04Charge and mass conservation in REACTION - L
736doc622012-04-03Status of WPEC SG30 List (A26 of NRDC 2011 Meeting) - -
735revdoc2832012-04-05Progress in corrections since last meeting - -
735doc2632012-04-02(Superseded by Memo CP-D/735(Rev.)) - -
734doc482012-04-02Short nuclide code for SF7 9104-
733doc602012-04-02Dictionary 24 (Units) - -SQ, MICRO-, MU- etc. -
732doc842012-03-14Errors in thermal neutron energy values - L
731doc402012-03-12Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - DA/DE,*/* 9104-
730doc672012-02-17Spectrum averaged cross section at temperature kT - L
729doc422012-02-06Dictionary update: 24 (Data Units) and 236 (Quantities) 9104-
728doc352012-02-03Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2009BUDA 9104-
727doc372012-02-02Change in EXFOR Formats Manual (REFERENCE) - M
726doc442012-01-24Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PRE/PR,NU 9104-
725revdoc2792013-09-10Comparison between Landolt-Bornstein and EXFOR (proton) - -
725doc3752011-12-22(Superseded by Memo CP-D/725(Rev.)) - -
724doc382011-12-20LEXFOR entry "Institute" and "Reference" - M
723doc1212011-12-15Dictionary transmission 9103 9103-
722doc332011-12-14Spontaneous fission data coded with incident energy - L
721revdoc672013-07-17LEXFOR entry "Nuclear resonance fluorescence" - M
721doc672011-12-05Superseded by Memo CP-D/721(Rev.)) - -
720doc452011-11-11Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PR,NU/TKE 9103-
719revdoc352012-01-24Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PR,KEM 9104-
719doc342011-11-10(Superseded by Memo CP-D/719(Rev.)) 9103-
718doc3952011-11-01Angular differential cross section without level specification - L
717rev2doc582012-04-02Proton-induced reaction cross sections missing in EXFOR - -
717revdoc542011-10-24(Superseded by Memo CP-D/717(Rev.2)) - -
717doc522011-10-24(Superseded by Memo CP-D/717(Rev.)) - -
716revdoc452011-09-29Allocated articles missing in EXFOR - -
716doc442011-09-27(Superseded by Memo CP-D/716(Rev.)) - -
715doc692011-09-27Too low level energies coded under E-LVL - L
714doc592011-09-26Interdependent data separated by flags - M
713doc472011-09-19Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - NET, SRA, RDC 9103-
712doc732011-09-02Too high level energies coded under E-LVL - LM
711doc442011-09-01Dictionary 5 (Journal Codes) - NDS 9103-
710doc472011-08-11Total mass yield (MAS,FY) - -
709doc622011-08-01MeV data sets erroneously compiled in GeV region - L
708doc362011-07-14Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) -,SIG,ER,SFC 9103-
707revdoc412011-06-20Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) 9103-
707doc402011-06-17(Superseded by Memo CP-D/707(Rev.)) - -
706doc1242011-06-17Conclusions and Actions of the 2011 NRDC meeting - -
705doc2112011-05-22Fission quantity correlated with fragment kinetic energy - -
704doc932011-05-20Coding of partial uncertainties and correlation matrices - -
703rev2doc782012-04-02Compilation of nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) data - -
703revdoc802011-12-02(Superseded by Memo CP-D/703(Rev.2)) - -
703doc772011-05-19(Superseded by Memo CP-D/703(Rev.)) - -
702doc1912011-05-19Compilation of numerical data from the ND2010 conference (2) - -
701revdoc2242011-05-19Correction of prompt fission neutron spectrum entries - L
701doc2232011-05-19(Superseded by Memo CP-D/701(Rev.)) - -
700rev3doc4062014-03-31Compilation of light-ion induced neutron spectra for application - -
700rev2doc3682012-02-29(Superseded by Memo CP-D/700(Rev.3)) - -
700revdoc3172011-05-20(Superseded by Memo CP-D/700(Rev.2)) - -
700doc3172011-05-18(Superseded by Memo CP-D/700(Rev.)) - -
699doc502011-05-18Compilation of experimental data for standard cross sections evaluation - -
698doc792011-05-16Automatic DOI number creation - -
697doc2232011-05-16Progress in EXFOR corrections - -
696doc522011-05-12Thick target yield given in decay rate per charge (PRELIM.A070) 9103-
695doc2232011-05-09Dictionary transmission 9102 9102-
694doc552011-05-06Dictionary 19 (Incident Source Codes) 9102L
693doc2042011-05-04Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) - ,INT,,RES 9103L
692doc422011-05-03Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3NI ABU, 3GHALGN 9102-
691doc322011-04-26Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) - ,SIG,,DSP 9103-
690doc422011-04-26Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3INDMNG 9102-
689doc422011-04-14Dictionary 207 (Book codes) - BROWNE 9102-
688doc602011-03-24Coding mistakes (NC, NC/A, NC/B, NCL, ZP, ZP/A) - L
687doc362011-02-15Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) - DL/GRP,NU/DE 9102-
686doc622011-02-15Selection and description of references under REFERENCE - M
685doc1012011-02-14Free text in DATA section? - LM
684doc1522011-02-11Angle larger than 180 deg - L
683doc362011-02-08Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) - ,SIG,ER 9102-
682doc372011-02-07Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) - TER,AKE,LF+HF 9102-
681doc822011-02-02Fission quantity - Correlation with kinetic energy wd -
680rev3doc662014-04-14LEXFOR entry for covariances in the AGS format 9102M
680rev2doc782014-04-07(Superseded by Memo CP-D/680(Rev.3)) - -
680revdoc762011-05-17(Superseded by Memo CP-D/680(Rev.2)) - -
680doc762011-01-28(Superseded by Memo CP-D/680(Rev.)) - -
679doc1242011-01-27Mistakes in DOIs under REFERENCE - L
678doc602011-01-27Expression of values under DECAY-DATA - M
677revdoc1012011-01-13Thermal neutron energy value - M
677doc1002011-01-13(Superseded by Memo CP-D/677(Rev.)) - -
676doc1512011-01-03Existence of REACTION SF4 - lM
675doc512010-12-22Use of kT values for prompt fission neutron induced reactions - M
674doc612010-12-16Alteration flag in Dictionary 34 (TRANS.9101) - -
673revdoc562010-12-08Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2006, 2008, 2010KYIV 9102L
673doc562010-12-08(Superseded by Memo CP-D/673(Rev.)) - -
672doc452010-12-07Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - EPJ/CS 9102-
671revdoc552010-12-03Expansion of codes Dictionary 21 (Method Codes) 9102L
671doc532010-12-02(Superseded by Memo CP-D/671(Rev.)) - -
670doc652010-11-10Illegal use of PER-CENT - L
669doc512010-10-12Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - Korean Institute Codes 9102L
668revdoc452010-10-18Dictionary 25 (Data Units) - MTH - -
668doc452010-10-11(Superseded by Memo CP-D/668(Rev.)) - -
667revdoc892010-09-24PER-CENT coded under DATA(-CM) - L
667doc882010-09-23(Superseded by Memo CP-D/667(Rev.)) - -
666doc862010-09-08Updates of four NRDC manuals and documents - -
665doc462010-09-08Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3CPRHXU, PDU, JIL, AEP 9102-
664doc572010-08-17Some high energy cross sections missing in EXFOR (-1964) - -
663doc452010-08-17Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - MONIT-MIN, MONIT-MAX 9102-
662doc692010-08-06Draft of updated Formats Manual (IAEA-NDS-207 Rev.2010/09) - -
661revdoc952010-08-05Draft of updated LEXFOR (IAEA-NDS-208 Rev.2010/09) - -
661doc942010-08-05(Superseded by Memo CP-D/661(Rev.)) - -
660doc292010-07-30Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 91UPPSAL 9102-
659revdoc462010-07-28Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - CNPR 9102-
659doc462010-07-26(Superseded by Memo CP-D/659(Rev.)) - -
658revdoc552010-07-25New codes for prompt fission neutron spectrum 9102-
658doc552010-07-25(Superseded by Memo CP-D/658(Rev.)) - -
657doc382010-07-24Dictionary 31 (Branch Codes) - 31; 32; 33; 40 9102-
656doc2032010-07-23Dictionary transmission 9101 9101-
655doc702010-07-23Coding of Yaderna Fizika ta Energetika (YFE) 9101L
654doc1042010-07-19Isomeric sums coded with SIG/SUM - L
653doc452010-07-13Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 2GERZFK 9101-
652doc352010-06-27Dictionary 236 (Quantity codes) - LP,IPA/DP,*/* 9101-
651doc372010-06-21Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - MISC-MIN, MISC-MAX 9101-
650doc942010-06-17Coding mistakes - Opening parenthesis at column 13 - L
649doc962010-06-11Fission fragments measured in coincidence - -
648doc582010-06-10Short nuclide code for SF7 M
647doc1102010-06-101. Reaction Coding SF3-SF4; 2. Proposed renaming of LEXFOR Secondary Particles; 3. Proposed revision and renaming of LEXFOR Particles - M
646doc622010-06-10Reaction products that are unstable against prompt particle decay, Proposal for new branch code ISP discm
645doc392010-06-08Length of EXFOR transmission records - -
644doc532010-06-07Use of Branch code (DEF) 9101L
643revdoc582010-06-08Light-nuclei reactions (Z<6) - LM
643doc562010-06-04(Superseded by Memo CP-D/643(Rev.)) - -
642doc292010-06-03Dictionary 16 (Status codes) - BERMN 9101-
641doc462010-05-17Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3INDIIB, 3INDKUD, 3INDTAT 9101-
640doc472010-05-17Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 2ITYBAU and 2ITYFIR 9101-
639doc512010-05-10Remarks on MONITOR coding - LM
638doc412010-05-10Collection of numerical data from the ND2010 conference - -
637doc1502010-05-06Conclusions and Actions of the 2010 NRDC meeting - -
636doc782010-05-05Unsorted COMMON and DATA section - L
635apdf2302010-04-14Annex to Memo CP-D/635 - L
635doc4722010-04-14Prompt fission neutron spectra - -
634doc372010-04-09X4Map and X4Archive - -
633doc1092010-04-04Automatic test of EXFOR with TALYS (2) - L
632doc372010-04-02Resonance parameters in CPND entries - lm
631doc1632010-03-31Production thick target yield 9101L
630revdoc3502010-03-30Dictionary transmission 9100 9100-
630doc3942010-03-29(Superseded by Memo CP-D/630(Rev.)) - -
629doc452010-03-29Total cross section in photo-nuclear reaction data - M
628revdoc882010-03-28Coding of Voprocy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki (VAT) 9100L
628doc872010-03-24(Superseded by Memo CP-D/628(Rev.)) - -
627apdf2182010-03-20Annext to Memo CP-D/627 - -
627doc1752010-03-20Automatic test of EXFOR with TALYS - L
626doc572010-03-17New LEXFOR entry- Fusion - M
625revdoc392010-03-22Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3HUNTBP 9100-
625doc382010-03-16(Superseded by Memo CP-D/625(Rev.)) - -
624doc462010-03-15Dictionary 236 (Quantities) PAR,DE,N; ,NU/DA/DE,N+FF/N 9101-
623doc2032010-03-15EXFOR Outliers (Parts 4 and 5) - L
622doc482010-03-11Reaction Coding (SF1-SF2) - M
621doc552010-03-03Updated of LEXFOR "General Quantity Modifiers" 9102M
620doc492010-03-02Dictionary 8 (Element) - CN (Copernicium) 9100-
619doc372010-02-25Clarification of usage of MLT and PY in LEXFOR - M
618doc832010-02-25Two remarks on heavy-ion induced two-body reaction - -
617doc1032010-02-25Missing pointer to headings DATA and DATA-ERR - L
616doc492010-02-20Dictionary 23 (Analysis codes) - INTPD 9100-
615doc502010-02-20Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - PRS 9100L
614doc552010-02-19Use of REACTION combination - -
613doc732010-02-19Differential light charged-particle fission yield 9101L
612doc352010-02-15Classification of alpha value (,ALF and ,ALF,,RES) 9100-
611apdf9802010-02-26Annex to Memo CP-D/611 - -
611doc462010-02-15E-RL-CM: Relative energy in center-of-mass system? 9101-
610doc432010-02-04Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,NU/DE and PR,DE,N 9100-
609doc472010-02-04Evaluated data library coded under MONIT-REF - M
608doc422010-02-01Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - deletion and addition 9100-
607doc472010-01-31REACTION for heavy-ion scattering by light element target - M
606doc412010-01-29Independent variables in reaction combination - M
605doc702010-01-29Light charged-particle fission yield - L
604doc642010-01-25Mistakes in DOI number coding - L
603doc382010-01-14Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3AULARP 9100-
602doc382010-01-04Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3INDNSD 9100-
601doc382009-12-29Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 96PANTNG 9100-
600revdoc2712009-12-31Ternary to binary light charged particle yield ratio 9101l
600doc2862009-12-20(Superseded by Memo CP-D/600 (Rev.)) - -
599doc6332009-12-20Fission quantity coding 9101l
598doc372009-12-12Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ,KE; ,DL/GRP,KE; PAR,KE 9101-
597doc372009-12-10Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - KNS 9100-
596doc922009-11-27Secondary energy in capture reaction - E-LVL or E-LVL-FIN? - -
595doc382009-11-19Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - Mexican institutes (3MEX) 9100L
594doc372009-11-17Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 1USABRK and 1USAINL 9100-
593doc382009-11-16Dictionary 16 (Status codes) - DASTR 9100-
592revdoc572009-11-13Prompt gamma production below threshold of 2nd level excitation - -
592doc572009-11-13(Superseded by Memo CP-D/592 (Rev.)) - -
591doc332009-10-21Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2008BUDA 9100-
590doc732009-10-13Self-indication and raw data - M
589doc462009-09-30Fission fragment production cross section and fission yield - M
588doc572009-09-24Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2006BOROVE 9100L
587doc542009-09-18LEXFOR entry "Partial Reactions and Secondary Particles" - M
586doc362009-09-16Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) - +ERR-2, -ERR-2 9100-
585doc462009-09-16Mass distribution and fractional yield in fission data 9100M
584revdoc582009-09-15Transmission and reaction yield 9100M
584doc572009-09-15(Superseded by Memo CP-D/584(Rev.)) - -
583doc432009-09-07Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PRE,KE,LF+HF 9100-
582doc352009-09-03Data type (SF9) for data measured by indirect reaction - M
581doc1552009-08-24Experimental data for spallation model benchmark - -
580doc332009-08-24Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3INDPOO 9100-
579doc342009-08-17Dictionary 32 (Parameters) update - TRN 9100-
578doc1912009-08-14Dictionary transmission 9099 9099-
577doc342009-08-11Data heading for Rutherford ratio - M
576doc472009-08-04Coding of articles published in AIP conference proceedings - L
575doc382009-08-03Coding of preprints and articles in press - M
574revdoc1412009-08-03Usage of parameter code TMP (Temperature-dependent quantity) - LM
574doc1432009-08-03(Sperseded by Memo CP-D/574 (Rev.)) - -
573doc382009-08-03Dictionary 16 (Status codes) - TABLE 9102M
572doc362009-07-30Dictionary 18 (Facility Codes) - NGEN 9099-
571doc342009-07-08Dictionary 5 (Journal Codes) - NSD/BS (20137 in PRELIM.2211) 9099-
570doc332009-07-06Dictionaries 7 (Conference codes) - 2008MACKIN 9099-
569doc442009-07-02Dictionaries 31 and 236- provisional fragment mass (PRV) 9099M
568doc352009-06-09Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3SAFNAC, 3SAFSUN, 3MORRAB 9099-
567revdoc1072009-08-10Conclusions and Actions of the 2009 NRDC meeting - -
567doc1042009-05-22(Superseded by Mmeo CP-D/567 (Rev.)) - -
566revdoc432009-05-22DOI and NSR lines under REFERENCE - M
566doc462009-05-22(Superseded by Memo CP-D/566 (Rev.)) - -
565revdoc342009-05-22Dictionary 17 (Related reference codes) 9099M
565doc372009-05-15(Superseded by Memo CP-D/565 (Rev.)) - -
564revpdf10312009-05-21Compilation of covariance matrix given in the AGS format - -
564revdoc1052009-05-21Compilation of covariance matrix given in the AGS format - -
564pdf9192009-05-20(Superseded by Memo CP-D/564 (Rev.)) - -
564doc1022009-05-20(Superseded by Memo CP-D/564 (Rev.)) - -
563doc462009-05-18Angular distribution of fission fragment gamma 9099-
562doc1512009-05-04EXFOR completeness for neutron data in Phys. Rev. C (2) - -
561doc692009-05-04Mistakes in EXFOR REFERENCE lines converted to CINDA - L
560doc462009-04-30Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - ii/PAR,POL/DA,*,ANA (i=S, N) 9099-
559doc442009-04-29Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 2ITYNAP 9099-
558doc482009-04-29Dictionary 23 (Analysis codes) - ERCSN 9099-
557doc462009-04-23Institutes code under INSTITUTE and FACILITY - M
556doc492009-04-17Dictionary 5 (Journal codes) - PPN/L and SJPN 9099-
555doc572009-04-14Dictionary 207 (Book Codes) - LEDERER-6 9099-
554doc582009-04-14Dicts. 5 & 7 (Journal and conference codes) - NRP, 2007LUXOR 9099-
553doc492009-04-08Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - Total kinetic energy 9099-
552doc422009-04-07Dictionary 35 (Data types) - EXP 9099M
551doc442009-04-02Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 1USABST 9099-
550doc402009-04-01Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2008VILLIG 9099-
549doc442009-03-24Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2007TOKYO 9099-
548revdoc1142009-11-04REFERENCE of ISINN conference proceedings 9099L
548doc1172009-03-06(Superseded by Memo CP-D/548 (Rev)) - -
547doc412009-03-04Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 2006MANGAL, 2008INTLAK 9099-
546doc8492009-02-24Coding of elemental cross section divided by isotopic abundance 9099LM
545doc732009-02-10Update of dictionary 209 (Compounds) - 1-H-ARM 9099-
544revdoc3242009-02-09Dictionary transmission 9098 - -
544doc3272009-02-09(Superseded by Memo CP-D/544 (Rev)) - -
543doc522009-01-21Update of Dictionary 236 (Quantities) - PAR/IND,FY,G 9099-
542doc512009-01-15Intensity of prompt and delayed fission gammas 9099-
541doc682008-12-30Fission neutron distribution (41516.002-008) 9099-
540doc1432008-12-20Duplication in some rhodium-103 activation cross sections - -
539revdoc342008-12-19Addition to Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3MGLNUM 9098-
539doc342008-12-18(Superseded by Memo CP-D/539 (Rev)) - -
538doc372008-12-17Update of Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3BULPLV, 3YUG*** 9098-
537revdoc392009-05-21HISTORY coding for data subentry correction - -
537doc382008-12-11(Superseded by Memo CP-D/537 (Rev)) - -
536revdoc592009-02-06Coding of Zbir. Nauk. Kyiv Inst. Yad. Dosl. (ZNJD) 9098-
536doc592008-12-10(Superseded by Memo CP-D/536 (Rev)) - -
535revdoc602013-01-22Coding of Yad. Konst. (YK) 9104-
535doc632008-12-08(Superseded by Memo CP-D/535 (Rev.)) 9098-
534doc332008-11-26Correction of Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 4RUSLIN 9098-
533doc352008-11-24Addition to Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3SRBBKB, 3SRBSRB 9098-
532doc412008-11-19Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journals) - IZTP 9098-
531doc452008-11-18Update of Dictionary 43 (NLIB=2, 3, 58, 59) 9098-
530revdoc482009-02-19Coding of uncertainty ranges under ERR-ANALYS - M
530doc502008-11-11(Superseded by Memo CP-D/530 (Rev.)) - -
529revdoc412008-10-21Addition to Dictionary 23 (Analysis Codes) - SURGT 9098-
529doc402008-10-14(Superseded by Memo CP-D/529 (Rev.)) - -
528doc402008-10-14Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journals) - AR/S 9098-
527revdoc442008-10-14Proceedings of 2006 Symposium on Nuclear Data - 2007TOKAI - L
527doc472008-10-13(Superseded by Memo CP-D/527 (Rev.)) - -
526doc402008-10-09Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journals) - ASI/OE and RPD 9098-
525doc402008-09-19Change NRDC compilation responsibilities to dedicated journal coverage - -
524doc392008-09-19INSTITUTE code and Author's list in EXFOR Entry + New INSTITUTE code 9098-
523doc1582008-09-18Draft revision of NRDC Protocol - -
522revdoc652008-09-18Usage and explanation of uncertainty headings - M
522doc652008-09-18(Superseded by Memo CP-D/522 (Rev.)) - -
521doc1822008-09-15Total / elastic cross sections compiled in EXFOR CPND entries - L
520pdf852008-09-11Clarification of spin observables (2) - Action 27 of the last meeting 9098L
520doc4332008-09-11Clarification of spin observables (2) - Action 27 of the last meeting 9098L
519doc1592008-09-05Dictionary transmission 9096 - -
518doc362008-09-04Addition to Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3IRNKRJ 9097-
517doc412008-09-04REFERENCE format for reports - M
516doc332008-09-04Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conference codes) - 95VANCOU 9097-
515doc762008-09-04Dictionary 144 (Data Libraries for new CINDA) 9098-
514revdoc392008-09-03Light charged-particle spectrum in fission 9098-
514doc392008-09-23(Superseded by Memo CP-D/514 (Rev.) - -
513doc1432008-08-20EXFOR completeness for neutron data published in Phys. Rev.C - -
512revdoc432008-10-08Level density compilation 9098-
512doc412008-08-19(Superseded by Memo CP-D/512 (Rev.)) - -
511doc392008-08-15Addition to Dictionary 5 (Journals) and 7 (Conference codes) 9097-
510doc382008-07-30Correction to Dictionary 5 (Journals) - Extinct flags 9097-
509doc1962008-07-24Reaction product (SF4) field for quantities at resonance 9098-
508revdoc572008-07-23Addition and correction to Dictionary 5 (Journals) 9097L
508doc572008-07-23(Superseded by Memo CP-D/508 (Rev.)) - -
507revdoc552008-07-22SF7 (particle considered) for capture gamma multiplicity 9097L
507doc692008-07-22(Superseded by Memo CP-D/507 (Rev.)) - -
506doc402008-07-15Correction to Dictionary 3 (Institute codes) - 3CPRBJG 9097-
505doc382008-06-10Revised Manuals (EXFOR Basics) - -
504doc422008-05-14Correction to Dictionary 5 (Journals) 9097-
503doc472008-05-05Dictionary transmission 9096 - -
502doc402008-04-30Addition to Dictionary 236 (Quantities) 9097-
501doc372008-04-11Institute codes 9096-
500doc572008-03-17Addition to Dictionary 15 (History codes) 9096-
499doc432008-03-17Addition to Dictionary 24 (Data Headings) 9096-
498doc472008-02-07Revised Manuals - -
497doc422008-02-07Isomer extension in REACTION SF2 - M
496doc1562007-12-12Results of reference checking -
495doc342007-11-28New quantity for dictionary 236 9096
494doc1112007-11-06Conclusions and Actions of the 2007 NRDC meeting -
493doc392007-10-05Full EXFOR master file in C4 format -
492doc492007-10-05Procedure for creation CINDA reference -
491doc512007-10-04Procedure for correcting mistakes in the central EXFOR master file -
490doc352007-09-25Proposal to move alteration flag into column 11 of ENTRY and SUBENT records -
489doc312007-09-20Proposal to update old entries instead of creating new. -
488doc302007-09-13Additions to dictionary 7 (conferences) 9096
487doc372007-06-08Dictionary transmission 9094 and new version of CHEX (taking into account wildcards for SF7 in dictionary 236)
486doc342007-06-04Institute code 2FR CRI / CNO (dictionary 3)
485doc382007-05-15Additions to dictionaries 34 (Modifier) and 236 (Quantities)
484doc352007-05-15Additions to dictionaries 3 (institutes) and 7 (conferences)
483doc342007-03-13Additions to dictionaries 236 (quantities) and 213 (reaction types)
482doc322007-03-13Date of 2007 NRDC Meeting
481doc342007-01-26Updates for dictionaries 3, 5
480doc962007-01-18Compilation responsibilities as revised 2006
479doc382006-12-20Purported and/or real mistakes in EXFOR
478doc1202006-12-06Journal code PR and general format of page number
477doc332006-12-05Dictionary 5 addition
476doc362006-11-22Bibliographic information (TITLE, AUTHOR) from several references
475doc332006-11-22Updates for dictionaries 3, 7, and 236
474doc342006-11-22New coding for Dict. 33 (Particles), Dict. 236
473doc342006-11-22New pre-print code (Dictionary 6); New Data Heading code (Dictionary 24)
472pdf202006-10-27Conclusions and Actions of the 2006 NRDC meeting
472doc672006-10-27Conclusions and Actions of the 2006 NRDC meeting
471revdoc282006-10-04New report code (Diction. 6), New conference code (Dictionary 7)
470doc302006-09-22Production cross sections for decay gammas (proposal for new quantity, with updates of dictionaries 31 and 236)
469doc422006-08-31Wildcards for SF7 in Dictionary 236 (Action A27 of 2005 NRDC Meeting)
468doc442006-08-31Dictionary 236 update
467doc462006-08-15New report code (Dictionary 6)
466revdoc282006-07-10New institute and journal codes (Dictionaries 3 and 5)
465doc402006-06-06New journal code (Dictionary 5)
464doc432006-05-12New conference code (Dictionary 7
463doc652006-05-11Checking and corrections of some report codes and old EXFOR entries
462doc442006-04-06Journal code HIP (Entry C0791), new codes AHP/N and AHP/A
461pdf802006-04-04EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
461doc3362006-04-04EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
460doc792006-03-29Dictionary 7 codes
459doc672006-03-24New quantity codes for dictionary 236
458doc482006-03-23Length of report codes in dictionary 6
457doc672006-03-09Proposed new STATUS code (Dictionary 16): RCALC
456doc522006-03-09Update of dictionary 5 (Journals); 21/22
455doc1092006-03-09Dictionaries 33, 209, 227
454doc382006-01-31New quantity codes for dictionary 236
453doc272006-01-25Proposed new conference code
452doc442006-01-18Proposed new conference code
451doc1612006-01-12Quantity codes for data in arbitrary units, chain and mass yields (Reply to CP-E/085)
450doc552006-01-12Proposed new journal codes (dic.3)
449doc652006-01-11Proposed new fission quantities arising from TRANS 1337 ((Reply to memo CP-C/368); new proposals for dict.236;
448doc502006-01-11Process codes XN and YP (REACTION SF3): obsolete
447doc472005-12-12Date of 2006 NRDC meeting
446doc462005-11-25Usage of reference type X (Preprint)
445doc992005-11-04Conclusions and Actions of the 2005 NRDC meeting
444doc302005-10-28Date field of conference proceedings (Reply to memo CP-E/080)
443doc872005-10-07Concept of Procects in CINDA (Working paper to NRDC meeting)
442doc492005-10-07Procedure of loading the new CINDA database in IAEA-NDS (Working paper to NRDC meeting, and reply to CP-N
441doc402005-09-27Addition to Dictionary 7 (Conferences)
440doc1472005-09-22Updated description of Archive Dictionaries
439doc752005-09-22Dictionary transmission 9089
438doc632005-09-22Corrections and Streamlining of "Reaction Types" (EXFOR dictionaries 13/213, used in dictionaries 36/236) and relation to Archive dictionary 14
437pdf102005-08-12EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
437doc952005-08-12EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
436doc422005-07-05Addition to Dictionary 36/236
435doc472005-06-24Common EXFOR master file and Dictionary Transmission 9088
434doc1042005-05-10Addition to Dictionary 36
433doc712005-05-02Meeting "EXFOR-CINDA: revision of contents, compilation and plans", Vienna, IAEA, 26-28 April 2005.
432doc832005-04-21Dictionary transmission 9087 and update to new dictionaries
431doc472005-04-20New code for Institute
430doc572005-04-19IPA as parameter code
429doc592005-04-18Replacing quantity code DA/CRL (Angular correlation)
428doc562005-04-15Addition to Dictionary 5
427doc422005-04-12New date for 2005 NRDC Meeting
426doc442005-04-01Central storage of EXFOR source papers
425doc622005-04-01Checking and comparing programs for digitizing figures
424doc592005-03-31Proposed lab code 2GRCINP
423doc762005-03-31"BIB section" information in EXFOR
422doc422005-03-23Institute codes for former DDR labs
421doc532005-03-09Separate Covariance Files in EXFOR
420doc452005-01-27Addition to Dictionary 24
419doc282005-01-14Dictionary for energy ranges in CINDA
418doc412004-12-17Additions to dictionaries 25 and 36
417doc422004-12-10Proposed code IPE for SF8 (Dictionary 34); (Reply to Memo CP-E/060)
416revdoc282004-12-02Addition to Dictionary 22 (Detectors)
415doc962004-11-29Conclusions and Actions of the 2004 NRDC meeting
414doc482004-09-19Probability for emission of N particles, EM/NUM,PY and quantity code SIG/DN
413doc832004-09-15Proposal on improvement of CINDA-2001 format.
412doc452004-09-15Experiences and remarks on the transition to CINDA2001.
411doc402004-09-03Lab codes 2JPNSAE, 2JPNSHR
410revdoc1722004-08-27Revised NRDC Protocol
409doc2232004-08-24Angular distribution data Re: Memo CP-C/350, CP-C/346, CP-C/348, CP-E/049
408doc952004-08-05EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
407doc2512004-08-02EXFOR compilation scope
406doc682004-07-29Additions to Dictionary 3 (Institutes)
405doc2512004-07-07New dictionaries for EXFOR / CINDA2001
404doc622004-07-02Partial delayed fission neutron yields
403doc732004-07-02Proposed new detector codes (CP-E/042)
402doc562004-07-02Quantities and units for thick target yields (reply to CP-E/044)
401doc3162004-06-22EXFOR and CINDA entries for pre-1970 articles from Phys.Rev.B
400doc1142004-06-03Proposed code for "Probability for emission of N particles"
399doc1342004-06-03Proposed codes for cross section for heavy/light fission fragment production
398doc952004-06-03Probability for emission of N (prompt) fission neutrons
397doc2992004-05-21Quantities and units for thick/thin target yields
396doc1632004-05-20Non-differential thick target yields with units ?Ci/?Ahr/MeV:Proposed new quantity code for dictionary 36
395doc1262004-05-20Quantity and unit proposal requirements (Reply to CP-C/341)
394doc732004-05-12LEXFOR entries on Polarization and on Thick Target Yields
393doc312004-05-10Addition to dictionary 36
392doc742004-05-10Transmission data: change in dictionaries and LEXFOR
391doc1312004-04-14Thick Target Yields and Multiplicities in TRANS O016 (with Dictionary 25 and 36 additions)
390doc542004-04-02Dictionary 24 addition
389doc722004-04-02Dictionary 36 additions
388doc1112004-03-23Dictionary 36 and 25 additions
387doc802004-03-16Dictionary 5 additions: Chinese Physics / Chinese Physics Letters
386revdoc362004-03-10EXFOR compilation responsibilities
385doc402004-03-09EXFOR compilation scope and priorities
384doc832004-02-23Journal code PR/B (Reply to CP-E/033-Revised)
383pdf92004-02-19EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
383doc1252004-02-19EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries transmitted since the last NRDC meeting
382doc642004-02-17Additions to dictionary 3 (Institutes) and 7 (Conferences)
381doc302004-02-11Additions to dictionary 5 (Journals)
380doc972004-02-11Proposed additions / changes to area 2 lab codes (NEA-DB to check)
379doc712004-01-16He-3 as incident particle (REACTION SF2)
378doc1072004-01-16Quasi-metastable states (Reply to memo CP-C/331)
377doc662004-01-08Dictionary 5 and 21 updates
376doc672003-12-22Reminder: Names of participants of 2004 NRDC meeting
375doc672003-12-181. Reply to CP-C/328 2. Addition to dictionary 3
374doc772003-12-12Dictionary 21 and 24 updates
373doc1042003-11-14Subdirectory for "problematic" entries (Reminder)
372doc1792003-11-10Completeness check for Nuclear Physics A
371doc582003-10-13Order of SF1, SF2 in REACTION code
370doc632003-10-01Data as a function of parameter S (kinematic locus)
369doc1972003-06-30Actions and Conclusions of the 2003 NRDC Meeting
368doc772003-06-04Transmission data: New code for SF8 proposed
367doc582003-06-03Dictionary 36 update
366doc572003-06-02Saturation Thick Target Yield
365doc712003-06-02Additions to dictionaries 3, 5, 22, 25
364doc992003-05-28Proposed dictionary 30 code TCC
363doc532003-05-07Proposed dictionary 36 codes
362doc832003-04-10EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries since the last NRDC meeting
361doc522003-03-20Dictionary 3 addition
360doc642003-03-19Dictionary 36 additions
359doc1012003-03-10 Partial cross section for production of specified number of product particles
358doc962003-03-10Differential number of (prompt) neutrons
357doc1542003-03-04Maxwellian distribution of outgoing particles: New proposal (Additions to dictionaries 24, 32, 34, 36)
356doc502003-02-21Dict. 3 code 4KASATI
355doc292003-02-211) Dictionary 24: re MASS-RATIO 2) Dictionaries 32, 36: New code KEP
354doc662003-02-181) Dictionary 18 code PRJFS 2) REACTION SF7
353doc712003-02-18Dictionary 36 quantities proposed in recent memos
352doc292003-02-17Dictionary 3 additions
351doc532003-02-13Proposed modified format for DECAY-MON: add heading field
350doc522003-02-12Proposed new coding for REACTION SF7 (Particle considered)
349doc512003-02-12Fundamental particles
348doc502003-02-12Dictionary 3 update
347doc362002-11-15Report codes
346doc292002-11-11Proposals for CINDA 2001
345doc1472002-10-18EXFOR transmission / compilation statistics: New and revised entries and subentries since the last NRDC meeting
344doc492002-10-15Dictionary transmission 9080
343doc442002-09-20Dictionary 3 addition
342doc452002-08-27Proposed units CM3/MOL-S and other complex units
341doc1212002-08-14Report on the 2002 NRDC Meeting
340doc482002-07-03Error of total energy in center of mass system (CP-E/007)
339doc942002-06-14Actions and Conclusions of the 2002 NRDC Meeting
338doc382002-04-26Modification of Dictionary 8 and 27 (Reply to Memos CP-C/301 and CP-A/124)
337doc372002-04-24Differential data for linear momentum and spin-flip / non-spin-flip
336doc222002-04-22New journal codes for Dictionary 5
335doc462002-04-03Exfor compilation statistics
334doc432002-03-25Dictionary updates
333doc412002-02-05Dictionary 3 update
332doc702002-01-28Quantities, Units and LEXFOR pages for Product Yields and Thick Target Yields
331doc412001-11-21Dictionary transmission 9078
330doc412001-11-16Momentum distribution data (CP-C/295 and CP-C/290)
329doc382001-10-23Dictionary 7 update
328doc722001-07-20Report on the 2001 NRDC Meeting
327doc392001-07-06FORTRAN Subroutines for reading data from EXFOR Dictionaries on VMS, Windows, Linux
326doc732001-07-05Dictionary 3 additions
325doc1122001-06-12Actions and Conclusions of the 2001 NRDC Meeting
324doc222001-05-18Country codes attached to conference codes
323doc412001-05-14Clarifications on some proposed report and journal codes
322doc542001-05-10Data headings and units for wave length and kT
321doc352001-05-02Dictionary 3 Update
319doc422001-02-01Preparing for the 2001 Technical NRDC Meeting
318doc242001-01-18EXFOR quantities PAR/M+,DA,G and PAR/M-,DA,G
317doc72000-12-21Date for 2001 Technical NRDC Meeting
316doc572000-12-01Quantities proposed in CP-C/274
315doc542000-05-26Conclusions and Actions of the 2000 NRDC Meeting
314doc242000-05-11Coding of PR/C paper identification numbers in CINDA and EXFOR
313doc372000-05-10Distribution of CD-CINDA and future of CINDA distribution and book production.
312revdoc272000-05-10Proposed additions to Dictionary 24: New data heading codes E-LVL-INI1, E-LVL-INI2 and E-LVL-FIN1, E-LVL-FIN2
312doc242000-05-06Proposed additions to Dictionary 24: New data heading codes E-LVL-INI1, E-LVL-INI2 and E-LVL-FIN1, E-LVL-FIN2
311doc442000-05-03Proposed quantity codes PAR/M-,DA,G and PAR/M+,DA,G
310pdf622000-03-07Duplication lab code CSN
309doc222000-02-22Dictionary 7 codes for conferences published as Dubna reports
308doc372000-02-22Proposed quantities SEQ,DA/DA/DE,P/P/P and POL/DA/DE for dictionary
307doc222000-02-22Proposed units B/ATOM and B-MEV/SR for dictionary 25
306pdf6241999-06-07Summary, Actions and Conclusions of the 1999 Technical NRDC Meeting
305doc201999-03-24New theoretical quantities for CINDA-2000
304pdf681999-01-29Technical NRDC Meeting 1999
303pdf491998-11-03Date for 1999 Technical NRDC meeting
301doc211998-07-15Addition to dictionary 36
300pdf5571998-06-05Draft Summary of the 1998 NRDC Meeting
299pdf1271998-05-29Standards on statistics
298pdf521998-05-20EXFOR coding of "mass yields"
297pdf13831998-04-17Pending retransmissions of EXFOR entries with important mistakes
296pdf481998-03-24Comment on TRANS F006, F007
295pdf471998-03-16TRANS F004, F005/New quantity for dict. 36
294pdf1921998-03-11Comments on TRANS O006-O008
293pdf1031998-03-04Preliminary Agenda and Schedule of NRDC Meeting, 11-15 May 1998
292pdf921998-01-28Comments on Memo CP-C/230 (Polarization quantities)
291pdf821998-01-28Dictionary transmission 9074
290pdf751998-01-27Comments on TRANS M020 Corrections to above
289pdf481998-01-27Comments on TRANS A042
288pdf1111997-10-23Comments on TRANS 0004, 0005
287pdf541997-10-23Comments on TRANS R012
286pdf661997-10-22Comments on TRANS A040, A041
285pdf401997-10-21Data of 1998 NRDC meeting
284pdf3781997-06-12Conclusions of the 1997 NRDC Meeting
283pdf721997-04-11TRANS A039
282pdf921997-04-01Dictionary transmission 9073
281pdf681997-02-191. Mistake in dictionary 2. Comments on TRANS A038
280pdf531997-01-30Technical NRDC Meeting 1997
279pdf521997-01-30Finalization of the Network Document INDC(NDS)-359
278pdf471997-01-20Comments on TRANS A036, A037 and new dictionary. codes
277pdf591997-01-20Comments on TRANS C017, C018, C019 and new dictionary codes
276pdf621997-01-20Comments on TRANS R010, R011
275pdf461997-01-20Recent CPND TRANS tapes
274pdf2561997-01-10Dictionary transmission 9072
273pdf351996-11-05Date of the 1997 Technical NRDC Meeting
272pdf22131996-10-07Conclusions of the 1996 NRDC Meeting
271pdf331996-09-11Proposed quantity PAR, AKE, G for dictionary 36
270pdf581996-05-03Dictionary transmission 9071
269pdf441996-04-17Dictionary 7 additions
268pdf451996-04-16TRANS D019 - ATOMKI compilations
267pdf501996-04-15Proposed quantity ,DA"RSO for dict. 36
266pdf911996-04-15Comments on TRANS A032, A033
265pdf341996-02-05Discontinuation of hardcopy distribution of the EXFOR/CINDA dictionaries outside NDS
264pdf731996-02-01Dictionary transmission 9070 and some new codes
263pdf671996-01-17New type of partial cross section? (Diff. cs integrated over part of ang.range)
262pdf521996-01-17New dictionary codes arising from TRANS 0003
261pdf1701996-01-17Comments on TRANS 0003
260pdf651996-01-17TRANS tapes O001, O002, O003
259pdf1421995-09-07Comments on TRANS A031
258pdf411995-06-27Proposed addition to Lexfor page on Production cross sections: "Unweighted"
257pdf501995-06-27Dictionary transmission 9069
256pdf5041995-06-26Actions and Conclusions of the 1995 NRDC Meeting, Vienna
255pdf831995-04-07Draft Agenda for Technical NRDC Mtg.
253pdf821995-01-30Technical NRDC Meeting 1995
252pdf711994-12-20New archive dictionary database and dictionary TRANS 9068
251pdf521994-12-07Dictionary Update
250pdf4961994-11-10Conclusions of the Center Heads' Meeting 31.10 - 1.11.94
249pdf511994-09-19Proposed additions to dictionary 36: ,AKE and ,MLT (without a code in SF7)
248pdf331994-07-28Center Heads Meeting
247pdf691994-06-29Conclusions and Actions of the 1994 NRDC Meeting
246pdf3841994-04-15CPND needs expressed in an IAEAmeeting
245pdf1401994-04-121. Dictionary update 2. Proposed codes IND,ZP and CUM,ZP
244pdf431994-03-07TRANS A029; Conference code 93DUBNSP
243pdf411993-12-171. NRDC-Meeting, 2. TRANS tapes, 3. Season's Greetings
242pdf801993-10-21Dictionary Update
241pdf641993-09-17Comments on TRANS R008
240pdf311993-09-0794NRDC Meeting
239pdf281993-08-25Deferred NRDC93 Meeting (signed by Otto)
238pdf271993-06-03NRDC Meeting 1993 - Paris (18-22 Oct.)
237pdf1891993-05-12Dictionary transmission 9066
236pdf261993-04-06TRANS M017
235pdf331992-12-03TRANS M015 - found
234pdf631992-11-12Comments on TRANS A027, R007
233pdf911992-11-12TRANS M016, M015 missing
232pdf421992-11-12Dictionary TRANS 9065
231pdf671992-11-12Responsibility for EXFOR-DDR Labs
230pdf6761992-09-25Draft of the Conclusions and Actions of the Technical NRDC Meeting, Vienna, 1-3 September 1992
229pdf311992-07-28Dictionary 3
228pdf1941992-07-13New country codes and related lab codes for Exfor Dictionary 3
227pdf261992-07-09Report code BNAL in TRANS S005
226pdf41741992-05-131. Date of the 1992 Technical NRDC Meeting 2. Minutes of 1991 NRDC Meeting
225pdf891992-03-20Dictionary update and transmission; units MEV/A
224pdf1661992-01-10Comments on TRANS M011, M012, M013, M014 and L004
223pdf481992-01-10Comments on TRANS A025
222pdf2281992-01-061. Delayed neutron yields from individual precursors 2. Dictionary Updates
221pdf341991-12-20TRANS 3079 and Dictionary Updates
220pdf2461991-08-02Structuring of dictionaries 18,19,21,22,23
219pdf1711991-07-05A. Reply to Memo CP-C/200 B. Dictionary transmission 9063: notes on some codes
218pdf6671991-06-21Julich Paper
217pdf361991-06-131991 NRDC Meeting
216pdf1221991-05-30Comments on TRANS-A024
215pdf1371991-03-18Reply to memo CP-C/198
214pdf681991-03-13TRANS E007, E008
213pdf271991-03-12PC program for EX FOR compilation
212pdf231991-02-15Another nuclear data center
211pdf3101990-12-11Dictionary Additions - Reply to Memo CP-M/13
209pdf411990-10-30NLIB codes in ENDF formatted files. Update of Dictionary 43.
208pdf2021990-10-29Pending EXFOR transmissions
207pdf2231990-10-051990 Technical NRDC Meeting
206pdf441990-09-10EXFOR test file
205pdf261990-09-05Dictionary update
204pdf551990-09-03Comments on TRANS-A023
203pdf331990-05-16Dictionary transmission
202pdf691990-01-12Comments on TRANS-A022 and L003; report code from Hamburg University
201pdf981990-01-081) Dictionary transmission 2) Legendre coefficients for double-diff. data (Memo CP/M-ll)
200pdf4721989-10-20Draft of the Conclusions and Actions from the Tenth NRDC Meeting, Vienna, 2-4 October 1989
199pdf4341988-10-02Re: Agenda items 1.5 and 3.2-g: Conclusions and Recommendations concerning EXFOR frem the CM on the Compilation and Evaluation of !fission Yield Nucl. Data
198pdf1131989-09-22Pending EXFOR retransmissions
197pdf851989-09-13Dictionary update
196pdf501989-09-131989 NRDC Meeting
195pdf1661989-08-02l)'Differential thick target yields 2) Comments on TRANS A021
194pdf1911989-07-07Dictionary update and response to memos CP-D/179, CP-D/184, 187 and CP-M/l0.
193pdf2291989-06-23Dictionary additons proposed in Memo CP-M/l0 in particular modifiers CA,CB, CC,RBA,RCB,RCA
192pdf1331989-04-26Reply to CP-C/186
191pdf451989-04-11Centers' addresses
190pdf6601989-04-07Minutes of the Technical NRDC-Meeting, 4-6 October 1988
189pdf321989-04-06Date of NRDC Meeting
188pdf331989-03-10TRANS E004
187pdf1081989-02-24TRANS C011, C012, C013
186pdf441988-11-14TRANS C010
185pdf2111988-10-10Reaction combinations
184pdf3151988-09-21TRANS M006
183pdf1041988-09-21Pending EXFOR transmissions
182pdf821988-09-09Technical NRDC-Meeting, Vienna, 4-6 Oct. 1988
181pdf951988-09-08Comments on TRANS-A020
180pdf2011988-09-05Coding of IND and CUM in REACTION SF5
179pdf661988-09-05Dictionary matters: Duplicate code TEM in dict. 32; conference code 87JURMALA; journal code PDA; lab codes DWU and KHA..
178pdf1971988-06-28Fission yields
177pdf1661988-06-16TRANS C007, C008, C009
176pdf721988-05-09Spin and Parity for excited levels
175pdf2161988-05-09Comments on TRANS A019
174pdf26571988-04-159th NRDC Meeting
173pdf371988-01-29TRANS C006
172pdf681988-01-11Japanese CPND Group
171pdf261987-12-17Wishing Happy New Year
170pdf1251987-12-04Comments on TRANS-A018
169pdf371987-11-26Area 2 journal 'Kerntechnik'
168pdf1091987-11-231. Units HUB/SR2/HEV 2. Further comments on TRANS-R005
167pdf1101987-10-21Pending EXFOR retransmission
166pdf521987-10-21Special characters in EXFOR and CINDA
165pdf1111987-10-09Tentative agenda of 9th NRDC Meeting
164pdf10061987-10-09Data for medical radioisotope production
163pdf1051987-09-21Dictionary update, in particular 1. Journal code NIM/A 2. Ref-code for "Fotojadernye Dannye" (book code proposed in CP-M/8)
162pdf581987-06-11Comments on TRANS A017
161pdf491987-04-08Comments on TRANS A015 and A016
160pdf661987-03-18Dictionary Transmission (TRANS 9054)
159pdf8491987-02-24Summary Record:Technical NRDC Meeting, Vienna, 7-9 October 1986
158pdf2201987-02-16List of planned meetings in the field of nuclear data
157pdf411987-01-21Correlation quantities
156pdf4791986-10-13Pending retransmissions
155pdf2081986-09-25List of planned meetings in the field of nuclear data
154pdf1291986-09-12Technical NRDC Meeting 1986
152pdf1071986-08-04Gamma Spectra again
147pdf471986-04-15TRANS A014
146pdf1371986-01-28List of planned meeting in the field of nuclear data
145pdf661986-01-281) Minutes of the 8th NRDC Meeting, Saclay 9-11 October 1985 2) Date of technical NRDC-Meeting 1986
144pdf6541985-12-20NRDC Meeting October 1985, Draft of Conclusions, Recommendations, Actions
142pdf701985-11-08TRANS R004, A013
141pdf471985-09-18TRANS COOS
140pdf591985-09-06Contribution IAE-CP, Beijing
139pdf371985-09-05NDS EXFOR Manual
138pdf811985-09-05Arrangements and schedule for the 8th NRDC Meeting, Saclay, 9-11 Oct. 1985
137pdf711985-08-231. Reply to Memo CP-C/143 on Decay Properties 2. Reply to Memo CP-C/144 on Gamma Spectra
136pdf631985-05-22Dictionary updates requested in MEMO 4C/C-139
135pdf631985-05-15Comments on TRANS-A012
134pdf591985-04-15Dictionary updates
133pdf331985-03-11EXFOR TRANS 3053 and D014
132pdf1081984-12-18A.Minutes of Sept.1984 Technical Meeting B.Dictionaries C.Season's Greetings
130pdf711984-08-09Comments on TRANS-AOn
129pdf4021984-07-17Comments on TRANS-M003
128pdf1311984-04-30Delayed Neutron Emission Probabilities
127pdf761984-04-26NRDC Meetings 1984 and 1985
126pdf581984-04-26Gamma, Spectra and REL-Modifier
125pdf391984-04-11Particle codes PI,PIP,PIN,X in Dictionaries 13,28,29,33
124pdf421984-03-19Transtapes 3049, G003 and D013
123pdf12501984-03-19Minutes 1983 NRDC Meeting
122pdf4501984-03-091983 NRDC Meeting Concl./Recommedations
121pdf471984-03-08Technical NRDC-Meeting Sept. 1984
120pdf4241984-02-23Exfor "Decay-Flag": repetition of column headings
119pdf1891984-01-20Dict.36, branch-code PAR with DE and SPC
118pdf771983-12-29CPND Compilation by RIKEN
116pdf2961983-11-30(alfa,n) thick target yields
115pdf4021983-07-207th NRDC Meeting
113revpdf5631983-05-12Center Personnel
113pdf9091983-04-11Center Personnel
112pdf1111983-03-171983 NRDC Meeting
111pdf1651982-12-23Information-Identifier Keyword INC-SOURCE
110pdf2111982-11-09TRANS-M002 and new codes used therein
109pdf1191982-10-15Draft minutes of the 6th NRDC Meeting
106pdf3581982-03-17EXFOR G-series, EXFOR V-series, EXFOR D-series, CPND, EXFOR TRANS 3042
105pdf1191982-03-11EXFOR re-transmissions: "Entry" or "Subentry" as minimum unit?
104pdf1571981-05-08CP-N/5 of 20 May 1980; CP-C/87 of 23 April 1981
103pdf3411981-04-05Recommendations from IAEA Consultants' Meeting on Medical Nuclear Data
102pdf1611981-02-10EXFOR Adaptation to Atomic and Molecualr (A+M) Reaction Data
024pdf1121977-03-17Secondary Energies;Addition to Manual proposed
023pdf18141977-03-23Proposed EXFOR Manual Section VIII
021pdf24221977-02-23CPND Supplement to Manual and Dictionaries, et al.
020pdf20341977-02-281.Dictionary 2, EXFOR Manual, Sections VII and VIII, dictionaries and coding rules 2.STATUS
004pdf2031976-06-04Dictionary update